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lol, they do not care, BUT

""said Annie, who asked to use a pseudonym to protect her privacy. ""

these ones will cry loudest if they get no health insurance, or must pay more for different insurance or services.

finally not to far away somebody will say this meds are to expensive based on the algo and your data. move out and prepare yourself to die.

This is a scary article. It basically describes what privacy activists have warned about for years. The more intruding tech can establish itself, the lower the resistance to it becomes. Currently resulting in hundreds of young people publicly stating that they don't care about their privacy at all.

This is no longer "I have nothing to hide" this is already Stockholm syndrome. This is "Take my data I want to be your attention slave".

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No individual person has to explain themselves for using proprietary software.

Organisations, companies, governments for sure! So let's stop blaming individuals for usage of proprietary software and let's focus on breaking organisations free. Trust me, when organisations are free, individuals will follow by themselves.

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Looks like Google is trying to gain even more control in the open source world. Don't ever give away your rights to them.

I was about to write a whole blog article about cloud gaming with and parsec on , but somehow ended up with a write style I don't like.

Therefore here just some source code for a paperspace curl CLI:

I'm sure you can figure out the rest yourself, knowing that is now available on .

So is shutting down. I can say I'm happy about that, but some how I'm quite happy that I never decided to rely on it. And while it's easy to switch to another instance for daily browsing this breaks all your links to it.

And that's why you try to link primary sources, not secondary ones, even when secondary sources might have other benefits.

Oh, there is an even worse version of `curl | bash` -> `curl tinyurl | bash`

Not only you don't know what script you get, you also don't know where you get it from 🙈

:blobfoxconfused: I no longer (may I never did?) understand my system.

I have 12GB of RAM, it considers roughly 6-8GB as being used, over time ~4GB are considered cache and there are also roughly 6GB of Swap around that is entirely free. Still my system dies OOM more and more often recently 👀

I already increased the memory pressure close to maximum so the cache should go away as soon as anything is needed, but nope. Still OOM. Help?

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While we progress towards our new name #HedgeDoc, we thought it's a good idea to share that over the cause of roughly 2 years we made it from 0 to 990 stars on GitHub as of today 🙂

And while it's not a strong indicator for quality or awesomeness of a software, it's still nice to see and we hope all of those 990 starers participate at some point in the community 😀

You are awesome people! /sh

#HedgeDoc #CodiMD #GitHub

Oh it's the new, perfect mod. It just pushed posh mudcrabs from its throne.

But a mod so obsessed with CHEESE has to be the ultimate mod for someone with my name:

It's fully voice acted and adds 200 types of cheese to the game and obviously a quest to collect all types of cheese to get a special, daedric rewards 😉

Enjoy your time :D

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Der SWR sucht für seine Innovationsplattform "SWR X Lab" Leute aus dem Bereich digitale Medienforschung, Medienproduktion und Projektmanagement. Die neue Chefin des Projekts, Vanessa Wormer, ist super, ich hab mit ihr bei der SZ mal zusammengearbeitet.

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#GooglePay. Ist. So. Krass.

Wer die App nutzt, muss damit rechnen, dass Google die eigene Kreditwürdigkeit analysiert - und mit "Händlern" und "Finanzunternehmen" teilt.

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Fascinating... I learned today about "CodiMD", a collaborative platform for writing in #Markdown - demo site: and source code at:

It started as community / open source version of commercial HackMD service and has since evolved.

CodiMD is also on Mastdon as @CodiMD

:blobfoxthink: Is it a rather useful idea to use floating-IPs for email servers? Usually I don't care about about switching IPs, but here it might come in handy. Any thoughts on that?

Election wisdom 

Vote every election like 2020 would happen again the year after the election.

Don't joke with your vote, make sure that in case of really bad stuff happening in the world, the people in power are able to handle it. When you think they are all incompetent, become a candidate yourself!

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Blockchain folks: we have a new and private cryptocurrency based on proof of work, it’s awesome, you should use it!!! 🤓✋

Me: So if someone controls 51% of the mining power they become the God of this currency, yeah? And Jeff Bezos could 51% your network for the whole year with 0.1% of the money he made in a day this week? 🤔

Blockchain folks: *crickets*

I wonder when GitHub will start to serve ads… Microsoft is already getting "ad-like" with their announcements and pushing towards "oh, try the beta stuff" and "oh look at this" and literally breaking a lot of the stuff that made GitHub great a while ago…


I can highly recommend this talk to anyone who develops or ever compiles software from the internet:

It's a 2 hours tour through open source and free software copyright questions.

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