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Currently looking at modern art in a modern art museum. With some artworks I'm reasonably sure that the creation wasn't the art, but selling it. 🤷

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Microbiologists are larger than one might expect.

So, after experimenting with the syncthing-gtk flatpak and being quite unhappy, how the GTK app basically re-implements the web UI, while the web UI stays available, I decided to replace the whole thing, with a container running with Podman as systemd user service:

Is it perfect? Probably not, but it should work good enough. Even managed to do all the data migration :)

: Swipe left to go back

Me: Are you kidding me, this is not a MacBook! I will not tolerate this nonsense!

10 seconds later:

browser.gesture.swipe.left ""
browser.gesture.swipe.right ""


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Them: Are you going to be part of the problem or part of the solu—

Me: Oh problem, definitely

Them: That wasn’t…it was a rhetorica—

Me: I have some ideas on how to make the problem even funnier than it is

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Looks like hundreds of instances is being launched with subdomains of

Luckily, placing a suspension of the main domain, will block the subdomains aswell.

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This might be my only real beef with what #Fedora pushes as a default. I do not like how it overrides an existing default for #vim in upgrade.

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OH: der Typ, der damals die Reden vom Hitler korrigiert hat, war das eigentlich ein Grammar Nazi?

With quite some precise actions I just dropped the OpenVPN S2S VPN from my Unifi setup and replaced it with an unsupported, but way more future-proof setup, which will now also allow me to upgrade my GW machine to newer Fedora versions.

This was previously not possible because UDM still used such an old cipher for OpenVPN, which Fedora dropped in Fedora 36.

ClamAV has reached version 1.0 🎉

It has only taken 20 years. This is something I love about free software tools, they take their time. Sometimes it's two decades, but that's okay :)

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Hallo an alle (keine Ahnung wer das lesen soll ohne Follower...🤷🏻‍♀️)

Ich fühl mich beim blauen Zwitscher-Vogel nicht mehr wohl.
Das Niveau sinkt stetig und ich bin kaum bis gar nicht mehr aktiv, wie ein stiller Beobachter, der beim Verfall zusieht.

Ich bin gespannt wie es hier ist und wird!

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@thetitanborn "Don't talk about that where I may have to scroll past it" is the most tired conversation possible.

*Unfollow that person if they consistently post things you do not want to see.

*Use Filters liberally
( or conservatively if you swing that way.)

*Resist the temptation to tell others how to use their voice.

(Oh the irony & hypocrisy of this post decrying tone policing with tone police bullet points is not lost in me.)


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Android team reports that #rust is working as advertised:

"As the amount of new memory-unsafe code entering Android has decreased, so too has the number of memory safety vulnerabilities. From 2019 to 2022 it has dropped from 76% down to 35% of Android’s total vulnerabilities. 2022 is the first year where memory safety vulnerabilities do not represent a majority of Android’s vulnerabilities."

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I love how the developers of mailman2 thought it would be a good idea, to mail everyone their mailinglist password every now and then (when the mailinglist admin decided to enable it). What could possibly go wrong?

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One thing to keep in mind: Polls on Mastodon are not anonymous.

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