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Note to self: More proof reading before tooting.

"Simplified" my blog design a lot yesterday and today. Suddenly it uses @kev's simple.css as a base and just some minor modifications.

Lots of pictures removed, no more splash page to begin with, improved the contrast ration a lot in various places.

Let's see how it goes :)

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Ich bin tech- und digitalbegeisterter Grundschullehrer, Medienberater, FOSS-Anhänger, Bastler – nicht zuletzt auch Papa und ... #neuhier
Freue mich auf einen Social Media-Neustart nach meiner Abkehr von Facebook, Microsoft & Co. vor einigen Jahren 👍

A good implemented zone-based security model (e.g. internal-dmz-external) is usually still more secure than a bad "zero-trust" security model. So if you feel comfortable with zone-based security, go for it, you can build zero-trust on top of it, all the time :)

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Début d'année (ne) rime (pas) avec bilan. Il est donc l'heure pour Nicolas de faire le bilan de son activité

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Du hast ein Google-freies Android-Smartphone und Du willst den Weltuntergang trotzdem nicht verpassen? Aber #NINA funktioniert bei Dir aufgrund fehlender Google-Play-Dienste nicht? Dann könnte FOSS Warn etwas für Dich sein. FOSS Warn ist eine Open-Source App, um Warnmeldungen von zu bekommen.

#foss_warn #opensource #Vorstellung #ersterTröt

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🤣🤣🤣Pandemie von langer Hand geplant? Sketch von 1963 (!) zeigt coronakonforme Geburtstagsparty mit nur einem Haushalt

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Calling us "an open alternative to Lightroom" gives the impression that we're trying to match Lightroom feature for feature, but we're not some knock off. We do things our own way, we have feature that Lightroom doesn't have and we lack some features that Lightroom does have.

We're a RAW editing application.

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Interesting a bot at Microsoft is forking some open source repos and removing the license and copyright information. For example here is cups (the printing system used by both mac and Linux) That's actually very illegal.

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Nach hat Markus Bönig über seine CliniGO GmbH nachgelegt und mit dem Portal eine Plattform für “Impfunfähigkeitsnachweise” aufgelegt. Wir haben mal geschaut.


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Wirtschaftliche Motive vs. juristische Auslegung im #TTDSG. Der Rechtsbelehrung Podcast hat dazu die wunderbar streitlustige Dr. Herbort zu Gast. Dass @monoxyd den Schwenke zum Ende mit "Pack die FDP wieder ein" ermahnen muss, sagt eigentlich alles 💯 Reinhören!

Thought: A few years ago, we were using light bulbs that used more energy than a lot of notebook / thin client power supplies deliver these days.

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As you might have noticed the 2.14 version still hasn't made it into the repository.

This is (again) due to failing reproducible builds (

We unfortunately currently lack the time to dig into this, so it's likely that it'll be a while before this is solved.

Maybe someone else could try and figure out what's going on this time?

I wonder how times the software world wide that was using log4j has used was audited by security teams.

Once you know it, it's such a trivial exploit.

It shows that just because a software has been audited it's not necessarily secure. You have to look at the right spots to find the problems.

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FreeDoLine: Verbreiter alternativer Fakten planen ein Medienportal für ihresgleichen, verankert im Ausland. Zur Finanzierung stehen Akteure vom rechten Rand in den Startlöchern, Leute aus Werteunion und AfD, mit teilweise sehr braunem Background.

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Thought: For the rule of thumb seems to be: install mitigations (get vaccinated), limit contacts, self-isolate, quarantine when infected, avoid a severe course for your application at all cost. Protect yourself and others by following these measures.

Does that sound somewhat familiar? Get vaccinated, now.

Expanding on this, by a large part, this also mitigates the whole log4j attack. The attack isn't proxy aware and would just end up in your firewall.

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Call me old school, but you can already defeat the majority of modern malware by just putting your infrastructure behind a whitelist proxy and a firewall that filters **all** traffic.

This doesn't mean you shouldn't do more, but if you currently have unfiltered egress in your "zero trust infrastructure", you got something fundamentally wrong.

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I switched my working laptop to #Fedora and I have to admit that I already felt in love. You can see and feel that they try to build a product ready for day-to-day use and not just a collection of great Free Software. It's are just all the small details which sum up to a great user experience especially in the combination with #Gnome.

Seems like there will be some Flatpak live-coding session going on (not by me). Maybe it's interesting for you.

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👀 The concept of appointments seems to be lost for the people getting their booster shots by waiting for hours outside and then might be disappointed when there wasn't enough vaccine for more than a thousand people.

My goodness. Get an appointment, tell them whether you get a booster or first / second vaccine, then the can not only prioritise things properly but also reserve your dose and you don't have to wait excessively in the cold.


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