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Looks like we had a little hiccup this morning on the demo instance.
It's all back to normal now.

On the bright sight, what's coming to the 1.x release? Currently we have 3 PRs:

1. Adding a config options for the cookie policy
2. Replace with
3. Adding Malayalam translation

2.x is also going great!

The API definition and mocking is going forward, the new Database Schema is layed out. Meanwhile the frontend team just merged the new permissions modal. 🚀

#HedgeDoc #CodiMD

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One "rule" I've heard a few times for estimating software schedules is "take your estimate, double it, and then shift to the next unit of time". For example:

2 hours → 4 days

(I've also heard "multiply by pi" so "2 days → 6.29 weeks)

Does that rule have a name? It seems like the sort of thing that should, and that should be listed on

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Tim Chase has a good article on how to read RSS feeds via email, and I remember toying with that quite a number of years ago (though I cannot recall whether it was with that utility or a different one).

At the time I decided that since an article obtained via RSS often has links which I'll want to visit in the browser anyway, there's not much point for me in reading a plain text version of the article.

But in terms of archival, etc. this is not uninteresting.

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Proctoring apps are compelled mass biometric surveillance of potentially millions of students, whose success will be determined not by correct answers, but by algorithms that decide whether or not their “suspicion” score is too high.

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Das mir Outlook auf Mails mit Aufgaben Vorschläge macht wie direkt mit "Erledigt!" zu antworten ist ja ganz nett, aber ich will doch viel eher so Antworten:

"Sei gegrüßt,

Ich habe die mir aufgetragene Queste, die dich schon seit längerem plagte, letztlich abgeschlossen. Es sei dir nun vergönnt mit den Errungenschaften meiner Arbeit fortzufahren und uns alle mit deinen Taten zu erquicken.

Mögen die Sterne über dich wachen!"

Outlook ist diesbezüglich aber soo langweilig 💤

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The curse: You can permanently destroy and undo the impact of one, but only one of the following.

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#OpenSSL is looking for a full time Administrator and Manager #FreeSoftwareJobs Good to see more paid positions for an important piece of #FreeSoftware infrastructure.

Nice, so I have DoH and DoT running!

DoT is sadly not fully configured on the client side yet due to missing SNI headers that is caused by NetworkManager and systemd-resolved. But I work on that one:

Turns out I'm not the only person missing them. Thankfully it's also not intentional, but a bug that is already fixed upstream:

But not yet in Fedora:

Soon the world will sound again!

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Wait… I just tried to use the github container registry for the first time, to get an image. Do I read the docs correctly, that I need to authenticate to in order to pull a public image?

Because when trying to pull an image I get an "unauthorized: Your request could not be authenticated by the GitHub Packages service. Please ensure your access token is valid and has the appropriate scopes configured." error.


I don't know those "let's proxy stuff" solution such as nitter, invidious and searx don't really make it for me. They sound like stuff ducktaped together to me.

And while having ducktaped stuff for yourself is totally fine, I think it's really not helpful when people walk around and call it the way to go.

A broken thing is a broken thing and ducktaping it so you don't see it's broken, doesn't fix it.

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Unbelievably high blocked domains count on pihole, even after having various content blockers in browsers (on desktop _and_ mobile) in strict mode and being pretty choosy about which apps to install.

Most software and websites are basically malware (at least when it comes to privacy violation / tracking) to some degree. 😦

WTF. There is an Egyptian lawyer suing women for not being "shameful about their body", when they post videos on TikTok. I mean on an asshead scale from 0-10 that a solid 13!

And while that's not bad enough, the local police is playing along with it and puts people in jail for not wearing the right stuff in an online video.

People lost their mind entirely.


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Alright, the "let's wait and see what happens with #keybase after zoom acquisition" uncertainty has been resolved:

- the keybase client repository hasn't seen activity in months
- their twitter account has just been deleted

Time to get your keys out of there and move on. With no new auditing and patching, the platform is dead.

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👀 is it just on my system or has GNOME clocks lost its ability to make a sounds when a timer is up? It's really frustrating and doesn't help my cooking skills!

Today I learned that doesn't deploy DNSSEC. 🙄 It's 2020…

The one thing I hate about go programs: People writing stuff in go usually have install instructions: curl <url to some binary> > ./<random binary name> && chmod +x ./<random binary name> && sudo ./<random binary name>

Sure, we complain about curl | bash but this is EVEN WORSE!

Note: Having an open source client when developing a client-server application doesn't make your application open source. It's like saying your CMS is open source because one can read the HTML source code in their browser… It's not open source!

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