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Die Fahrplan-App Öffi zeigt ihren Nutzer*innen an vielen Orten auf der Welt, wie sie wo am besten hinkommen - ganz ohne dabei auf ihre Daten oder ihren Geldbeutel zu schielen. Wer sich dafür am #TagdesEhrenamts bedanken möchte, kann das per Spende tun.

I did a detailed privacy check of the Tiktok app and website. You can read my article æt Süddeutsche Zeitung. Tiktok commits multiple breaches of law, trust, transparency and data protection. Here are the technical and legal details
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@sheogorath @hyperjinx ich habe mal "unseren Nerd im Fernsehrat" darauf gestoßen.
Seine Antwort zeigt eine weitere Vorraussetzung dafür auf

Just reported another
site. They were quite cheeky. Sending me an email from my "administrator" that my mailbox would be shutdown and that I would need to take immediate action.

And oh wonder, when visiting the page from any mail address, it would load the domain suffix as background with an overlay that asked me for a password for the entered mail address.

Never fall for this kind of stuff. If you are unsure this is valid, call your admins. If it's private, ask the fediverse.

Hello @e_mydata . You are using exodus data and we are very happy about that, but could you explain how you are calculating the "privacy score" of each application of your store? In the interest of transparency for your users :)

Mhm, got a lovely mail today, that Twitter is about to change its ToS. As someone who is into reading legal documents before deciding how to progress I had to notice that You can't post other people's CC content on Twitter. Not only would the license might forbid commercial use, but also Twitter requires you to be able to allow sublicensing of your content.

If someone is bored and a copyright lawyer, have fun :)

Das „Buch“ für die guten Neujahrsvorsätze (ihr wisst schon – endlich Facebook und Twitter hinter euch lassen undsoweiter)
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Wow… There is currently a wave of people promoting "Transport Fever 2".

They definitely have some nice game mechanics, but I have to say that I consider much better for one simply game mechanic: You can't simply wipe-out an entire city, just because you have the money.

Sure, OpenTTD lets you erase certain building and you can bride the local government, but by default, for even a small city, after removing a few buildings you'll be stopped from continuing.

The author will have a hard time to transfer data on this USB-Stick…

It's a Yubico Security Key which doesn't provide regular file storage. It's only for U2F and was marketed during a marketing campaign by GitHub and Yubico.

Not to mention that if I recall correct the GitHub logo is on the backside, which means the key is plugged in upsite-down.

But of course I'm not an expert in this kind of things. And maybe the author made it to transfer pictures onto it.

Wir haben mit dem Hessischen Rundfunk über die Entwicklungen gesprochen, die es bei der Social Media-App #TikTok in puncto #Datenschutz gegeben hat. Das Ergebnis seht ihr hier.

If you are new to Mastodon, or, like me, not so totally new anymore but still puzzling how this all works, read Noëlle Anthony's awesome Guide to Mastodon:

Tools are only as good as their documentation, user guides and communities. Thank you @noelle , you made Mastodon an even better tool for me (and I suppose a lot of other people too) now.

#mastodon #fediverse #help

Please keep in mind that polls on ActivityPub services are not anonymous. Server admins of the instance that created the poll can see who voted for what. Don't use this to elect anything or fall for an illusion due to a missing UI.

It's concerning and funny at the same time. My banking apps are the least secure apps on my smartphone, because they refuse to provide them outside of the Google Play store and you have to install them using an extra app (which is thankfully available on @fdroidorg) because they use split-apk setups.

What a mess… Please don't follow my example here. Maybe just get another phone for banking…

I see way too many people asking around about DNS redirects recently. Those people are exactly the reason why I think is the right approach.

Regular setup: "I want to redirect all requests to my local DNS resolver and block " -> Results in ugly firewall rules to redirect DNS traffic on port 53 and blocks 853.

This means whatever "regular" DNS sever you set in your configs, will be ignored. Except you use DoH and this way bypass their and verify the resolver.

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