How to shock people?

When they have a routine of collecting personal data, like name, address and phone number, ask them why.

At least the phone number is never needed for the billing process, so it's usually not required by law.

Quite interesting what responses you get from them.

Huh, it seems like someone signed up my contact email address for the Cloudflare newsletter 👀

I'm slightly annoyed.

That's a very awesome article talking about reCAPTCHA and its toxic behavior.

And not only that, it also shows various alternatives and ways to get the same result without selling your users to Google.

"<insert data harvesting app in here> is much more comfortable than <insert good free software solution here>" Sure… When you are comfortable with company harvesting your data…

"But they are all doing it" same was once said about witch burning…

"I'm not important, they are not interested in me" Why do you think you are important enough to not steal your data, when you do it with everyone?

"I have nothing to hide" but still lock the door when you go on the toilette…

Seems like there is another hardware exploit called "RAMbleed".

TL;DR: By using the error correction of bit flips, it's possible to steal secrets our of a systems memory that are not owned by the process which reads the memory.

While it's awesome to see that made it to version 1.0 with Synapse, I recommend to stay relaxed about this release.

While hanging out in Synapse Admins yesterday, I felt like the release might be a bit rushed. When you are on 0.99.2 relax and update at the end of the week. I'm sure we'll see a 1.0.1 very soon.

“Biometrie: Hacker kopieren Zehntausende Fotos von USA-Reisenden - SPIEGEL ONLINE” Daten, die erhoben werden, können auch gehackt werden. Deswegen IT-Security by Design PLUS Durchsetzung Datenminimierung PLUS Zurückhaltung bei gesetzlichen Vorgaben

Unit tests are gold.

I just upgraded our ORM 2 major releases and was able to find all broken things by using the Unit tests provided by @amenthes

Thank you so much for that!

@CodiMD one day, we'll publish a blog post about our tooling infrastructure, and explain how CodiMD helped us write and review our collective statutes, design our roadmap, take notes collaboratively during meeting, build presentation about #Funkwhale, and much, much more!

@CodiMD CodiMD is a critical piece of our collaboration and publication process!

Our friends @funkwhale are looking for a more reviewers to reduce their bus factor.

It looks like they are using #CodiMD to coordinate it! 🎉

If you want to know more details check with @eliotberriot 😁

By the way, when you notice that you don't use your paypal account, cancel it.

Keep in mind that canceling the account doesn't delete your data. If you want to do this, you have to reach out to the Paypal support.

I started it this week and since they only offer a postal address for their DPO, I decided to ask them on Twitter. For what is the best way to contact their DPO. Waiting now for their "specialist" to answer me :)

The Intercept is hiring a digital security specialist in NYC, if anyone is interested!

You’ll work directly with journalists on operational security issues related to securing devices, communicating with sources, protecting document sets, and collaborating securely. You'll also develop curriculum for and help run an internal digital security training program.

This is a union job. POC, people with disabilities, women, and LGBT candidates are strongly encouraged to apply

Lol, I just found a page, linking to an old article of mine and referencing it as "best practices". 👍🏻

I'm on the right track :D

If you wonder which article:

The nice thing about it is: This is one of my own favorites. You know, those where you put a lot of work into and then no one reads :D

Oh that's a nice piece about the myth of CDNs based resources:

Host the assets yourself and you'll be off better in most cases.

The hard part about creating open source software is finding people to write the documentation; developers tend to explain their functions with their functions.
(glowBlue() -> makes the object glow blue)

People who do that are rare and in demand, even in corporate scenarios; we searched for one for months. It’s even harder to find people to write docs for FLOSS projects because they can’t always be paid.

On a side note, anyone interested in helping with CodiMD docs? 😁

#CodiMD #Documentation

I have to say that I really enjoy working with Lenovo's support team.

The last guy I was chatting with was fully aware of the LVFS project and could even point out a mistake of mine (checked based on internal devices instead of the notebook model).

And so I got, after 2 weeks, finally my firmware update 👍🏻

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