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After some security fixes it seems like my logging and monitoring setup is done so far. Needs some more alarms but the basic installation is done. Metrics are collected and stored, it signs in automatically through SI-Auth and it sends out messages if something has a problem.

Now all that needs to be done is using it and updating some version numbers from time to time. :blobfoxcheer:

By the way, I maintain a bunch of communities on Matrix for various topics. Such as , () |s, self-hosting and an open community chat where people can just exchange.

You can find all of them with some descriptions at:

Or by using as room directory.

When did we go wrong with tech that everything these days spies on you? 😐

I'm a huge fan of cloud gaming. Why? Because my yearly gaming budget resides around 100-200€. Buying a gaming PC that handles resource hungry games like City Skylines with this budget is simply not possible.

As much fun as it is to build your own machine etc. When you spend less than 60 hours a month (2 hours a day), it's cheaper to rent a gaming PC by one of the cloud gaming companies.

If you are into competitive gaming, this might be a problem due to lag, but I'm not so 🤷

Using bots on IRC to enforce channel Memberships i.e. making sure that no unregistered join, were one of the worst decisions in IRC's long history.

I'm looking at freenode and see people joining channels and get kicked out immediately. While this is something daily IRC users know and understand, when you want to provide support via IRC it's the worst UX ever.

People don't know IRC these days and when you get kicked out of a room looking for help, you'll never come back.

Did Slack have a data breach or why do I get odd spam mails from "Tony Wall Street" on those unique email addresses?

Is that maybe just scam from a "public" slack channel? Idk, but they definitely got those email addresses.

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KDE has migrated to GitLab! Most projects are now hosted on KDE's own GitLab instance located at

Read more about how it went and what it means for you at

Here's GitLab's blog post with more details on the move:

Mhm, anyone knows a minimalistic monitoring solution that doesn't require me to keep a zoo of daemons and services around?

(And that is agent-based so I don't need to expose an API on each of my servers for no particular reason 👀)

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After more than 3 years of maintainership I, @sheogorath, decided to hand over the task of developing CodiMD even further to David Mehren, one of our most active community members who already did major works for 2.0 and will be able to dedicate more time to the project than me at the moment.

I'll still remain active here and in the community but no longer make the final decisions about what goes into CodiMD and what doesn't. /sh

Full read:

Sometimes it takes some time to do good, but bringing something upstream can always help:

Yes, it took a few days longer than expected but hey, it got merged and everyone using the library can benefit from it ^^

Currently looking into arguments why the dragonborn should choose either the empire or the stormcloaks.

Lovely how people discuss everything on the high political level and the impact of a win of either side would be, but it seems like none of them seems to take into account that the first time someone becomes actually aware of the dragonborn is when the empire is about to behead him/her.

Fighting for the force that wanted to behead you for no reason sounds like a wonderful game to me.

transgender, children, serious question 

Today I talked with someone mentioning a "transgender child" and that's something I'm confused about.

Isn't transgender something that people identify themselves with? So how can a child already be transgender? Don't you need some sort of deep momentum/self-reflection for that already, which I would consider to be appearing in the teenage or (hopefully latest) after?

Would be lovely when someone could tell me if I get something fundamentally wrong here.

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Pur-Abo Zeit und Spiegel:
✅ werbefrei
❌ werbetrackingfrei
❌ trackingfrei
❌ DSGVO-konform

Pur-Abo "der Standard":
✅ werbefrei
✅ werbetrackingfrei
✅ trackingfrei
✅ DSGVO-konform

Die ganze Recherche bei Netzpolitik:

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Für Netzpolitik habe ich die neuen Pur-Abos von Zeit Online, Spiegel Online und getestet. Zwei der Verlage tun sich offenbar sehr schwer mit dem Datenschutz.
Hier ein paar Highlights, die Abonnenten unbedingt wissen sollten.
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Fun fact: The only people I've ever seen actually asking about how to contribute to FOSS are people explaining how to contribute to FOSS 🙊

Might sounds strange but I guess most people just get started or find the way themselves.

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You can tell that big tech eats their users due to their starving when you are not around.

Twitter sends me an email about how it needs my attention. Pardon, that I "have [notifications] on Twitter". And I bet you that the only notification I have there is this stupid "in case you missed it" notification that you get when you don't surf twitter X hours a day.

Anyway, I enjoy the fediverse a lot more :) thank you people!

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