So today I published a new article about using web feeds and RSS in particular.

TL;DR: I use Nextcloud News to organize my feeds and create a very personal news mix that fits my taste. Besides that it allows me to drop lots of newsletters and I even do release management with it.

:sheogorath: There is a Sheogorath emoji :D

You ask me why? I ask you, why not? It's possible so it can be there. I'll probably never use it, but who knows, might you will?

Fun fact: And as smartphones are phones that can do everything except of phone calls these days, smarttypewriters are typewriters that can do everything expect of writing letters (as we can't get printers to work with them).

😱 😱 😱 I just realized that we can be very, very happy that computers were invented decades ago.

Looking at the recent achievements in naming things, that would be horrible.

Keep in mind, that in the first manuals of UNIX, it wasn't talking about computers, but about typewriters.

So I guess, if computers would have been invented these days, they would be called: Smarttypewriters.

@sheogorath whoa very cool! til, thanks for sharing! To get the shortcut to work I needed to "open the Developer Tools Settings, go to the section "Advanced Settings", and check the settings "Enable browser chrome and add-on debugging toolboxes" and "Enable remote debugging"."

-- (

When we look at Article 11 and Article 13 in the EU copyright reform, then we can complain about a lot of things.

But I don't expect that lobbyists made it to collect all those votes alone. I'm sure some MEPs want to help EU companies while taming those big monopolies like Google and Facebook.

Which raises the question, why do they feel this need? And that's because of us. Because we use(d) all those big players instead of running with our european medium-sized internet businesses.

I don't normally do a #FollowFriday but I thought I would give a shoutout to some awesome people.

@ella_kane - put together the awesome group #WeAreNameless

@sheogorath - one of the main devs of #CodiMD

@WillMcIntosh - awesome guy to interact with

@eliaso - damn troll who keeps reporting me to me :blobglare: 😂


@sheogorath the problem is, it'll be the lowest common denominator. All sides of the French political community, for instance, believe in an even stronger Article 13 -- I am sceptical we could get a win there. The best thing is to stop it becoming law at all.

I think I've been using the word Self-hosting wrong for years now.

According to #Wikipedia: "Self-hosting is the use of a computer program as part of the toolchain or operating system that produces new versions of that same program."

Which actually makes a lot more sense.

Exemple: #Git self-hosted itself since all development work and versioning of Git was done with Git.

Or GCC compiling itself.

The self-web-hosting community should find itself another name, no?

By the way, if you wonder what data your Firefox shares, just use Ctrl + Alt + Shift + I to open the browser toolbox which is the same toolbox as you know for website debugging, with the difference that it's global for your entire browser.

The network tab will tell provide you all requests that were made including their content.

Just looked into electron to work on gtk-portals for Flatpak and stopped again. Not because the code changes are so complicated or it would require a lot of work to integrate them, there is already a major part of the work done by a nice PR:

But the build instruction for electron are just horrible… Why is it to hard to provide a build container which I can use to build electron without polluting my daily worker machine?

What is the point in having an #RSS feed of you only put the first paragraph in?

I’m looking at you, OMG!Ubuntu! and It’sFOSS.

That shit really grinds my gears.

@sheogorath the other thing to note is that because this is a Directive, if it passes it still has to be transposed into the national law of each EU member state. Which means yet another battle over the "real" meaning of the directive :(

@sheogorath *sort of* -- it /should/ be the official word, and there will be an official text that comes out before the translations. That official text isn't out yet, so the best you have is Julia's compilation. OTOH, the reason why the text has been so unclear is because it has been so much in flux, so now it's settled, we should have a useful, stable, text very soon. (The stuff about the legal translators is just an unofficial observation -- they have more influence than people realise)

For those who run Riot as Flatpak and want to try the latest version, I created a PR. And buildbot was so friendly to provide a build of it, so you don't have to trust me:

/cc @matrix

@sheogorath the closest there is for that is the four column negotiating documents, and I'm not sure they were ever officially released. They were certainly changing faster than anyone internally could keep track of them, and would not include the final agreed text.
The EU process is *far* messier than one would hope. In particular, details can shift when EU's legal translation team take the negotiated text and map it into legally coherent terms in each official language. That takes weeks.

The Big 1.0. – Riot

Riot, the default and most mature client for #Matrix just hit 1.0, with a huge redesign <3 If you have ever checked Riot before, but didn't like the looks - please give it another try! If you haven't tried it but like things like, dunno, #Slack for example, have a try and you might be pleasantly surprised.

#Opensource #decentralized chat and team tool with a no compromises #UI <3

There is one thing, that really bothers me about the whole article 11 and article 13 debate. None of the almost 10 articles I read about it now has a simple link to the official purposed wording.

Even the press releases don't offer any real insight here. Seems to be complicated to point to a latest version of a draft…


I find Mastodon to be the most enjoyable social network that I used so far. Great people here!

@tuxedocomputers I was recently checking a bit for a new notebook and wonder: Do you offer docking stations for your models?

Life without is hard .-.

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