"No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy [...]"

— Universal Declaration of Human Rights, hosted on un.org, along with a Google Analytics script.

We are looking for your CodiMD story. How do you use it? How do you run it? Where do you use it and why?

Check @sheogorath's story about the CodiMD demo instance below!


#CodiMD #freeSoftware #linux

I think what causes most issues with our digital rights today is distance. Using services provided by a city-wise non-profit would allow both to hold them accountable for what they do with our data, and make it easier to get support. I would also help understanding the “business model”: pay a few bucks so they can help you in person when needed, run servers locally, and contribute (whether financially or with code) to upstream software.

Basically: get humans back at the core of services.

"Mir dünkt, hier wird eher gefürchtet, dass Arbeitgeber nun ihre Mitarbeiter tatsächlich für geleistete Arbeit bezahlen sollen… "

Lesenswerte Analyse von @RAinDiercks zur EuGH Entscheidung zur Zeiterfassung 👇.

TL;DR: Leute, entspannt euch!


🎉 #FirstToot 🎉

#CodiMD is a real-time, multi-platform collaborative markdown editor that can be used on desktop, tablet, or mobile!

There's a night mode to save your eyes as well as fine-grained permissions so you can decide how much access (if any) others have to your notes 😉

There are multiple editor modes as well; #Vim, #Emacs, and #Sublime are available at the click of a button!

Check out our demo below and take a look at the rest of the amazing features!

Riot v1.1.1 is on its way to your desktop 🎉

The Flatpak was updated. Just waiting for the build to finish and publishing to flathub.

When Gnome Software is configured properly on your system, you'll just get a notification that Riot was updated in Background as soon as it made it to your system 🚀

For everyone else: Run `flatpak update` tomorrow and it should wait for you to install 🙂

@malteengeler Ich hatte gerade ein kleines Gedankenexperiment welches ideal für legal.social erscheint:

Wenn sich eine EU Verordnung nach Prüfung des Bundesverfassungsgerichts als verfassungswidrig herausstellen würde, müsste man sie dann dennoch umsetzen, bzw. das Grundgesetz entsprechend anpassen oder müsste Deutschland entsprechende Strafzahlungen an die EU in den Bundeshaushalt einplanen?

Anders gefragt: Bricht EU-Recht im Zweifel das Grundgesetz?

Did you know, that the "source code" link at the bottom of CodiMD will not just send you to our git repository, but to the exact commit this server is running?

This can help you to figure out what version of CodiMD is running there and what repository it was build from.

Are you not feeling motivated to go outside for a healthy walk? How about downloading the application StreetComplete from @fdroidorg and start helping out OpenStreetMap by adding missing data about the places around you!

I started today and it made my daily walks a lot more fun! It also motivates me to walk even more and visit new places that I wouldn't visit otherwise. :)

#OpenStreetMap #OpenData #Fdroid

Back when the GNU project was starting, among the first things they rewrote as Free Software were:
- text editor / IDE (Emacs)
- assembler, linker, and compiler
- make

IOW, they made tools that they needed to further develop Free Software without relying on proprietary tools.

They wanted their project to be self-hosting.

Nowadays, we have more free software than ever, but we develop it using github and Discord...

📢 For 1 week only:

If you donate $278 to the Tor Project, in addition to the Tor t-shirt pack, you'll also receive this limited edition roots hoodie.

Stand up for #internetfreedom and show your support with Tor gear: donate.torproject.org

So the articles headline suggests that "Facebook and Google" should be regulated.. probably because they are too big, too data hungry, yadayada.. The moment I try to read the article I see the below…

I have no words. Yes they must be regulated but perhaps you should stop using / demaning their scripts first. The users and publishers are those that empowered them by consuming their crap...

Looks like I made it to install fluidkeys on Fedora using a own RPM 🎉

Will try to use it tomorrow and see if it fits for my usecase.

Already thanks a lot @paul for working on this!


Oh and this is my first golang package, thanks a lot to all the Fedora contributors who made the tooling so easy.

Hat jmnd ein TUXEDO InfinityBook Pro 14 v4 ?? Sind die gut?
#tuxedo #laptop #frage #linux

I decided to create a small survey to ask a few non-personal questions about Fediverse users, their opinions on its various platforms, and their thoughts on non-Fediverse networks, such as Facebook and Twitter.

The survey is oriented at people who currently use the Fediverse, and does not provide any way of saying that you do not currently use it.

If you’d like to participate in the survey, you can do so here. It opens at midnight on the 13th of May at midnight AEST (12th of May, 2pm UTC), and closes one month later on the 13th of June. I’ll be posting the results every now and then until it closes.

Please answer honestly, and send it to your friends if you’d like them to participate too! :mlem:




I will be taking submissions over e-mail at first (I do not expect a lot to come quickly).

If you are a server owner, and you have:

1) A server policy against racism, sexism and transphobia

2) Daily database backups

3) At least one other person with emergency access to server infrastructure

4) Commit to giving users at least 3 months advance warning before closing down your server

E-mail hello@joinmastodon.org with the subject "Server submission". I'll try to figure out the blurb/category

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