Setup my own DoH provider for my Firefox :)

If you want to use it: go to about:config, search for network.trr.resolvers and overwrite the value with:

[{ "name": "Cloudflare", "url": "" },{"name": "Shivering-Isles", "url": "]

If you wonder how the stack looks like:

On the production code:

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#2176 "How Hacking Works" 

I'm literally using a "regular" () for 2 days now and it drives me nuts how it's not working on all ends

Having a local terminal (very basic functionality) and it picks up my venv (yay) but it doesn't let me type anything today and of course no explanation why

Yesterday I worked 30 minutes to figure out how to use the git integration properly and spend probably 10 minutes with fixing missing filesystem updates in the file tree

I really want to go back to my and

Haven't heard for ages from @zyx. Is everything alright?

We don't want our fellow Mastodonians to get lost in the jungle of the internet or even worse real-life.

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Per E-Mail werde ich h瓣ufig gefragt, ob ich zum Bezahlen das Smartphone nutze. Antwort: Nein, und ich habe es auch nicht vor.

In der Regel bezahle ich bar oder mit der EC-Karte. Wer es bequemer mag, f羹r den kommt vielleicht das kontaktlose Bezahlen per NFC in Frage, die einige Girokarten bereits unterst羹tzen. Mit einer NFC-Schutzh羹lle kann dann auch wenig passieren.

Wow, I mean people who consider anthropogenic climate change as not existent are one thing.

But today I learned: "Scientist" consider anthropogenic climate change as non existent are even worse.

Just read a "paper" which had 6 sources. 4 of them written by the authors themselves, the 2 others where either source of a graphic the "researchers" consider wrong and a formula that had pretty much no context with it.

Oh and of course one of the sources was "to be published".

Quality "science"

Oh great. There are a lot of people out there who consider Nuclear power plants as a viable alternative to coal power plants because they are having less impact on the global warming.

Sadly, the global warming seems to have an impact on them and things become quite dangerous:

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So the discussion around is still ongoing. To answer the questions once and for all:

No, blocking something in your software doesn't make it non-free. By definition the LICENSE is not allowed to restrict usage in order to make it free software. The software itself can always do.

Yes, blocking instances is still an anti-feature. By definition an anti-feature is an explicitly added restriction which has no technical reason but a user might act in order to get rid of it.

So I just shrunk the JS for my blog for most pages from ~85kb (uncompressed) to 1.61 kb (uncompressed) by getting rid of jQuery and instead writing my own JS a bit more verbose.

It might even be less effective than jQuery's implementation, but the time that is spend on download and compile/interpret jQuery should be worse.

Waiting for Traefik 2.0 to become stable before deploying DoT along with DoH.

And while waiting for this, I decided to add validation to my docker-compose templates:

Feel free to feel inspired for your Ansible roles :)


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circa 1980. "And we concluded that one excellent way to protect people was to collect less information about them."

So I spend my evening writing a library from scratch that implements some automation protocol.

You know they say NodeJS is a dependency hell Well, I have exactly one dev dependency and that's mocha. Not more.

So what I learned today:
1. TDD is a quite interesting way to implement protocols.
2. The NodeJS core is quite powerful.
3. 100% test coverage is awesome. And for new projects quite achivable
4. You can easily test a net-server by using event emitter.

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Moving away from the Apple eco system is taking me years. We still have that MacBook Pro, and there still are Photos libraries (remember iPhoto?) mine is still about 100GB. I totally need to move albums in there into folders on the drive. When your over 40 years old you start to appreciate that the only way to archive pictures, audio and video is folders and files. All these tools that use databases and what not will eventually fade from your life. Dont get locked in. Even if theyre free!

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@sheogorath Im not, web push payloads are already end-to-end encrypted. Its just the library Mastodon uses refuses to connect to non-https endpoints.

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Pro tip: While in Java getTime() on a date object returns the UTC milliseconds since 1st of January 1970, in JavaScript it returns the timezone specific value. If you want to get the UTC timestamp, you have to call Date.UTC()

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The internet was born as a network to exchange data and to simplify collaboration between (mostly scientific) institutions. It's interesting that since companies decided to play on that ground it became a lot less collaborative between institutions because people decided to build walled gardens.

There are definitely good technical reasons for such a setup, but the lack of interest in "lets make our data available for others" shows that those are not the driving factors in that game.

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