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Are you bored during the Corna Quarantine ? Learn more about digital freedom, free software, security, privacy and Ubuntu.

Daily presentation at 14:00 Amsterdam time via Chrome or Chromium:

If you have problems with Jitsi temporary disable your browser extensions and/or try a clean browser installation.

Quite interesting read:

"6 Things Markdown Got Wrong"

But seems like we got things right there in CodiMD :)

Oh and for those interested in the upstream discussion:

Seems to be well received and I'm looking forward to get it done.

Sometimes privacy can be so easy, you just need someone who gets into it :)

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When browsing SI-Gitlab I noticed that suddenly my tracking protection in Firefox was triggered. :si_blobfox:

What should I say… It's was a third-party cookie that was blocked. A few seconds later: runs behind cloudflare and therefore has a "__cfduid" cookie.

This was a few hours ago… is now a thing. Working on removal of Google fonts upstream, blocked them for now via CSP.

OpenTTD 15 years old and still developing. It's a wonderful game.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do :blobfoxcomputer:

And it's done! Session is over :)

When you read this, you are too late, sorry :/ Maybe next time

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As I can't stream using regular platforms due to low bandwidth and therefore crappy quality, here the alternative tmate stream :)

Feel free to join me migrating my GitLab to a new storage backend :)

If you have questions, reply to this toot :)


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Zoom's encryption has some major flaws, is "not suited for secrets", and Zoom has servers in China generating meeting encryption keys for users in other countries, Citizen Lab researchers discover (by me)

Nice, Signal broke their entire RSS feed by not configuring their blogging software properly. Now all links in it point to "localhost:4000". Thanks, I guess…

As I just started it again ^^ If make your wonderful food these days, and you are home anyway, how about taking 10 Minutes more time and write the recipe down for GNOME Recipes?

Would love to see this flooded with new cool food!

Mhm, after checking all settings in detail and doing a first test stream, it turns out, that my upstream connection is not usable for streaming 🤷 I guess I'll do something else then…

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Recommended block, 

If you want to run jitsi at scale, please check

Cascaded SFUs will allow your conference calls to scale a lot better :)

Also recommended, the following talk if you want to understand the concept:

Those who run natively installed get ready for the key roll-over:

They GPG key is about to expire and therefore a new one is coming. Make sure you update your package manager configurations! :blobfoxcomputerowonotice:

Mhm, I'm currently considering to stream a bit tomorrow. Not sure what in detail, but want to try this fancy technology from the end of the world.

Main question is: What platform? Would of course prefer something FOSS, but would like to avoid to host the platform myself, looking at you, open-streaming-platform, and instead using someone else's platform. Either mentioned open media-streaming-platform hosted somewhere or one of the regular platforms like Twitch.

There is a security update for Riot out. Please updates your clients as soon as possible.

The newest version is already on Flathub, therefore `flatpak update` should get you safe again.

And another one: ClamAV.

I developed this container image in order to use it as part of my mail setup. But things went different ways and now the image is there, but was never really used, except of experimental cases.

Was hanging out unpublished on my GitLab instance for almost a year. Now it's re-published :)

Just re-published an old project of mine:

Since people are probably looking for using mumble these days, maybe it's useful :)

I stopped developing this image more than a year ago, but with a few version number changes you should be able to use it in no time.

Also there is a still maintained version at:

We originally collaborated on the project, but I never went for the monorepo approach.

1st of April hoax alarm,swearwords 

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