Federated avatar service? CHECK
Integrated with existing projects? CHECK
Static content served by nginx only? CHECK

Welcome to my libravatar-nginx setup: git.shivering-isles.com/shiver

It's static, it's minimal, it's implementing most of the @libravatar spec.

:blobfoxcomputerowonotice: What else should I do on a Wednesday evening?

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Weltladen Darmstadt ist nun online im Fediverse, schaut bei uns vorbei: weltladen-darmstadt.de
vielen Dank an Darmstadt.social f羹r den freundlichen Empfang und die angenehmen Regeln hier.
In Zukunft soll dies der offizielle Kanal sein um zu unseren Aktivit瓣ten auf Sozialen Medien zu posten. Es werden dann wohl K羹rzel f羹r die Tr繹tenden gew瓣hlt.


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TIL you can search the mozilla.org, gnome.org and kde.org #matrix room directories from #riot by typing trhose urls into the server dropdown menu.

That's pretty cool. And very not-obvious.

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@sheogorath I went to post on lobste.rs but I haven't been on the site long enough Another 40 days to go

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If you're traveling to a different country that's not covered by your mobile data plan, check out the fantastic "Prepaid Data SIM Wiki". It covers pay-as-you-go options for a wide range of countries and gets constantly updated:


And while everyone is totally flashed about the 1.6 release of CodiMD, I sneaked out a blog post about privacy of SSH connections, after seeing some activity about it on Twitter.

:blobfoxbox: Psst: shivering-isles.com/Privacy-fo :blobfoxinnocentpuppyeyes:

CodiMD 1.6.0 is out!

Get it as long as its fresh and warm


Don't forget to follow @CodiMD if you aren't doing already and maybe join us on matrix or in the forum.

Hint: We will soon discuss how to processed with 2.0. If you want to push your input, that's your chance! We can break things, so if you have something that always bothered you about CodiMD, come and tell us!

It's happening! CodiMD 1.6.0 is in its final steps. All that is missing is the final version of the release notes (currently under review) and the tag on the source tree.

We have a ton of contributors to thank and a wonderful community around it.

If you want to test the version yourself look at demo.codimd.org

And to stay in the loop, check out our Mastodon Account at @CodiMD

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Nur zur Erinnerung: Datensch羹tzer sind nicht gegen Digitalisierung, sondern f羹r eine bessere Digitalisierung. Wir lehnen bestimmte Gesch瓣ftsmodelle ab, die IT-Sicherheit vernachl瓣ssigen und Datenschutz ignorieren

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Waterfox, a fork of Firefox, has been sold to System1, an ad/online marketing company. You probably want to watch out what happens to Waterfox from there on, if you ever used it. #linux #firefox #waterfox waterfox.net/blog/waterfox-has

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#infosec community! I predict national firewalls completely segmenting the Internet within the next 10y. What will be the FREE alternative Internet? Will there even be one?

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"Patientendaten aus franz繹sischer Medizin-Cloud offen im Internet"

Digitale Gesundheitsakte wir kommen und sorgen dann ebenfalls f羹r einen Datenreichtum. Ist nur eine Frage der Zeit.


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Meine beste Freundin sollte mein altes Smartphone bekommen.
"dann installiere ich dir aber zus瓣tzliche Messenger, nicht nur Whatsapp".
"da bist doch dann nur du Online aber wenn du unbedingt willst..."

Sie hat seitdem wieder Kontakt mit zwei alten Kommilitonen (Telegram) & via Signal eine Freundin wiedergefunden, die sich damals wie heute gegen WA gewehrt hatte.

"40 (von 132) meiner Kontakte sind ja bei Telegram?!"

Alternative Messenger testen.
Es lohnt sich.

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Gossiping Commons don't tell alike and no author, please open licenses - gossipingcommons.org/

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German DPOs started to enforce the ban of behavioural tracking and real time bidding (RTB) without consent on news websites. First publisher soon will be ordered to stop/change this, the DPO of Hamburg told me. Here is my report on this (german):

Preferred solution of the publishers: Keep behavioral ads but use consent popups to comply with GDPR. Already implemented at derstandard.at and spiegel.de.

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Ein guter Weg Leute zu finden, ist das Profilverzeichnis, oder die Liste 繹ffentlicher Profile eurer Instanz. F羹r uns ist das die hier: imd.social/explore

Das Profil dort 繹ffentlich zu haben ist eine freiwillige Einstellung die ihr jederzeit 瓣ndern k繹nnt.

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When it comes to living on free software there are two major areas where I miss nice solutions:

1. Banks/payment
2. Food delivery

For payment there are crypto currencies out there (that almost no one accepts for physical goods) and upcoming GNU Taler which has great potential.

But for food delivery, I have no idea (except of just calling the restaurant which then usually means paying cash which is basically my current goal not to do for this discussion).

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