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Note to self: More proof reading before tooting.

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Dear F-Droid contributors, if you still have your apps' descriptions inside our YAML metadata, please note the old Wiki-style formatting has been abandoned (documentation has been updated: Use "simple" HTML formatting instead – and ideally move your descriptions to Fastlane 😍

My pinned toot applies here as well, I'm sorry for my orthography.

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Schön auf den Punkt gebracht. CWA mit GPS tracking, Videoüberwachung, Staatstrojaner, Verbot von Ende-zu-Ende Verschlüsselung. Alle diese Lösungsideen haben eines gemeinsam: Sie versuchen den Personalmangel in sämtlichen Behörden zu kaschieren. Und nichts davon löst die Problemstellungen auf, die sie gebaut werden auf Kosten von Bürgerrechten.


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📆 Karikatur der Woche📆

👉 👈 Mit dem Finger auf andere zeigen ist immer leichter als vor der eigenen Haustür zu kehren!

™️ #Karikatur von Gerhard Mester

#Satire #Comic #USA #Trump #Politik #Verschwörungsschwurbler #Rechtsextremismus #Demokratie

Just went though my apps and restricted background and network usage in the android settings. 3 Minutes well spend 👌

mhm… Threema web and GNOME web are not friends. :(

jsut introduced emergency access. This allows someone, in case of emergency, to either view or take over your Bitwarden account after a given amount of time.

This will ensure, that your relatives can access your accounts and perform actions like inform the Fediverse that something happened or probably more important, access critical accounts or cancel memberships.

In worst case, it also allows them to even evaluate all digital heritage you left behind.

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Mhm, @Tusky, does the app utilize the Mastodon API for scheduling toots or does it keep them locally? It appears that sometimes toots are not send out when their time has come and even hang around in the Scheduled Toots menu days later :/

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🌎 🌍 🌏 I'm working on a #map of #Mastodon servers "near me" basically mapping servers that are region-specific, as a way for folks to find Mastodon users in their region. Blue = signed on to the Mastodon Covenant, Green = I"m not sure they did.

This is my first time using #openstreetmap so I'd be grateful of any and all feedback, and offers to collaborate - I assume I can share the map for editing somehow 🤷

Here's the link:

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Gibt's eigentlich gute Jobbörsen für Softwareentwickler? Ich finde es recht schwierig mit meinen Anforderungen in den klassischen Portalen richtig zu filtern ohne jedes einzelne Listing von zig Suchbegriffen einzeln auszuwerten.
Suche v.a. was ethisches, die nicht Profit an oberster Stelle stehen haben und möglichst keinen Business-To-Business Betrieb

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Thanks to and Flathub has now a proper mirror/proxy in China instead of poor man's attempt to bypass GFW by using servers in Korea.

See for details.

Thanks a lot! (We'll eventually mention it on too!)

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Last night, I spent a bit of time looking back into the history of GNOME 3 :blobcatuwu:

Yes, for the most part it is all quite samey - GNOME 3.10 already should be familiar enough to all current GNOME users. But there's a series of phases, or "eras" as I called them, with a clear UX/visual identity.
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Somehow I'm recently writing quite some tutorials from my day to day ops stuff in my private infrastructure and just throw them on my blog.

On one hand I guess it's quite useful for people, on the other hand it's rather boring content (from my own perspective). Let's see how my mood about it goes on :D

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How law enforcement gets around your smartphone’s encryption: Openings provided by iOS and Android security are there for those with the right tools - See

#technology #encryption #security #privacy #Mobile

I have to say that is probably the only paid android app with a proper business model outside of Google Play, Amazon and other major appstores by providing… wait for it… wait for it… A PROPER ONLINE SHOP!

Good job people!

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Seems like we are in the news!

We have been mentioned in today's Self-Hosted podcast from Jupiter Broadcasting!

They talk about how they use HedgeDoc to produce their show and how they migrated from an old CodiMD instance to the up-to-date version.

Give it a quick listen and if you have any questions, feel free to ask :mastowink:

#podcast #hedgedoc #news

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