Replaced my Smartphone OS today. From Google Android as stock to /e/ which is a quite nice experience. the launcher as well as whole base setup is very nice.

Somehow I was missing an app store, I would have expected to have F-Droid or similar installed by default, but nope. Also enabling phone encryption wasn't done by default, so I had to do it myself. Maybe because phone encryption requires a fully charged phone, and being plugged in. Anyway, quite nice so far.

@sheogorath What is /e/?
It's impossible to search for online 😦

@kirby It's an android version from the project.

Based on LineageOS build with an own core. Quite nice, but also nothing overly special. Comes with quite interesting defaults.

@sheogorath Cool, it runs on two of my *old* phones 😆
But I rely on a bunch of proprietary software anyway 😦


oh no . . . we lost someone else to the scam 😢

Read through some of that while I find a thread from a few months ago. I tooted something about /e/ and got a *ton* of replies from people agreeing with me.

@amolith The reason for me to go for /e/ instead of LineageOS is that LineageOS does no longer provide builds or downloads for my phone model. That's really the main reason.

I'll look into /e/ for the next few days and see what happens. I think everything that produces less than 10000 connections to tracking and ad companies per day is already a huge win compared to my old system.

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