To the #degoogle and #deletefacebook advocates, the #privacy and #FOSS advocates, please consider contributing editing to #OpenStreetMap. I want a good and usable alternative to current popular #maps apps.
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@sproid Let's bring a hands on part in here:

With everyone can contribute to OpenStreetmap and help to improve the data.

If you want to do bigger changes, you can put a note there, and as soon as you are at a desktop, go to sign in, and use the edit button.

The tutorial makes it really simple to get started, so please try before calling it too complicated :3

Thanks. I recently installed that one and also Vespucci app.

@sproid @sheogorath OSMAnd and allow you do to some simple editing of places. is a nice app. Both show you offline data for an area, great for when you're traveling away from home.

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