I just read an article about WhatsApp alternatives that after talking lengthy about Telegram, Threema, Signal, Viper, Simsme, WeChat, Line, and Skype just to conclude that you have to maintain an WhatsApp account for your contacts anyway, so don't bother with alternatives.


Pro tip: When you rely on a messenger, but want to switch: Install the alternative, disable notifications for the old one and tell everyone, if it's urgent to use the new one. There is no need to stay in an ecosystem.

@sheogorath I don’t know why people even consider switching to WeChat. It’s better to stick with WhatsApp than using non E2EE messaging app controlled by Chinese government. And why every article about alternatives to WhatsApp lists Telegram as ‘secure’ messenger, encryption in transmit is not the same as end-to-end encryption, but average people don’t know the difference and three letter agencies are happy.

The good news is, that the points you make are actually mentioned in the article.

It's still crazy to come up with such a conclusion in the end.

And yes, I agree, we would expect that E2EE is a standard thing to do and sort out all messengers that don't, but not everyone values privacy over convince :/

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