I already love flatkvm!

Let me introduce you to "Harold" the probably first train ever delivering woods in OpenTTD on flatkvm.

Things that work great: Starting OpenTTD, playing OpenTTD, entering fullscreen mode.

Things I didn't figure out yet: Leaving fullscreen mode 🤔

/cc @slp

@sheogorath I've just gave it a try, and I could enter-leave fullscreen mode by going through in-game settings.

Anyway, this app doesn't play nice with arbitrary resolutions, so it's probably better avoiding FS and just select an appropriate resolution in the drop-down menu.

@slp interesting, when I tried the in game option I ended up with an reconnection loop of the virt-viewer and the VM display.

Using the menu allowed me to enter full screen mode but I didn't know how to leave. When I figured out Ctrl + alt + f to enter and leave, I noticed that the game crashes by using this shortcut. (Not sure whose problem that is)

But all in all, it's on a good way!

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