Mhm, just got a spam mail to the mail address I provide on GitHub. Checked the company and figured out their GitHub organisation, reported them, linking to GitHub's terms of services C5:

I really hope GitHub will take action against them as this will probably hurt their "business" quite heavy.

If you receive unauthorized spam mails to your GitHub mail address, I highly recommend to report the companies organisations.

@sheogorath I did this a few times as well. I would also find the abuse contact of their mail service (often sendgrid or something similar.) They may have more leverage.

@sheogorath in one of the cases the offending party wasn't on GitHub and there was really nothing GH could have done. So sendgrid (in that case) was the only real option.

@paul Are you also such an interested spam reader as I am? :D

It was a mail inviting me to have a look at a blockchain-based storage solution. Even funnier that they explicitly mention how much this solution improves the privacy of data stored in it. Seems like they don't care about privacy laws talking about double-opt-in and similar -,-

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