I enjoy the few spam mails I get. It's always great comedy to read them.

My latest one was send from (DKIM confirms), has a from address with and a reply-to address to Not only that but it also claims to come from the UN while my answer should be send to a gmail address.

Somehow I'm amazed that for a single spam mail at least 4 different free mail account involved. Those spammers must be great at email account management.

@sheogorath What really makes me laugh is that the money is claimed to be for spam victims. So there are people who fall for one of those insane scams and then again for this one, thinking the UN is going to compensate them ?!?!?!

@dennis Yes, I think in many ways those spam mails are hilarious.

I recently noticed that more of them tell you something about spam, scam and similar while trying to trick you into it.

It's fun to follow those trends in spam mails.

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