Looking for opinions on Flatpak isolation for .

Right now we only allow write access to the Downloads directory, which causes problem with drag and drop and sending files in general. We currently considering to give access to the entire home directory, but the big question is: Allow writing or read-only access?

Discussion can be found here:

If someone is into CPP or electron development, please have a look at:

@sheogorath As someone involved with Flathub I can't tell you to do either way, but during initial review we prefer less permissions, as it's always "easier" to expand it than expect everyone to narrow them manually.

Also next release of GNOME Software hopefully will allow easy graphical way of changing Flatpak permissions.

@barthalion that sounds great! Then let's wait for this :)

Also the best solution for the problem would be solving the portal usage on Electron side but it seems like no one is willing or able to put time into it.

Let's see what the future brings.

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