For those who run on and wonder why there is no connection:

Matrix announced an emergency maintenance… on Twitter:

Sadly @matrix didn't receive the love it deserves and informs the Fediverse.

Anyway, that's why we have a community. We compensate short coming of each other and together make sure the world becomes a better place!

Matrix is coming back up! One of the first things happening was writing a new blog post about the incident which you can find here:

TL;DR: Some outdated software was discovered and cracked by an attack which then had access to various data points.

Important: Change your password ASAP (including NickServ when you used the IRC bridges)

Hint: The homeserver is not back up yet.


The homeservers are back up 🎉

It seems like they are missing some pictures right now, I guess those will come back later.

Make sure you change your password (and NickServ passwords) and happy chatting!

See you around 👋

Too early to be happy, seems like the attacker found their way in and is still around on Matrix's infrastructure.

The attack has proven themselves to have shell access on their synapse instance, which is definitely bad. It means that all user accounts are compromised and have to be reset.

There will go a lot of efforts into figuring out the details and fixing the vulnerability.

Meanwhile, send some love to the people behind matrix! just announced they are back once more:

Let's hope things stay up as they are. There are definitely some new challenges to tackle, which came up in their issue tracker:

Let's see if they got really rid of the attacker 🤞

After Matrix has restored its major services, they noticed that the GPG keys used for signing packages where compromised.

The key IDs are:

AD0592FE47F0DF61 (synapse)
E019645248E8F4A1 (Riot/Web)

Please make sure to no longer use those keys.

There are new keys for the official matrix repositories with the key ids:
CF45A512DE2DA058 (synapse)
D7B0B66941D01538 (riot)

Those come along with a new package that are build on fresh infrastructure. No details if they now sign packages offline, yet.

Since Matrix reset all logins recently, you may lost some of your E2EE keys. Those were erased when being forcefully logged out.

Those who used the Key Backup mechanism by can recover quite easily, those who didn't bother to set them up, might have a problem.

In we discussed that today and someone provided a detailed guide on how to recover using BTRFS:!boLskYiwabbCQNNhl

@sheogorath by "they noticed", you mean " the attacker told them"

@Divert Since I guess you use some Debian base system:

apt-key del AD0592FE47F0DF61

or apt-key del E019645248E8F4A1

Yes, thanks. that is what I did. I am wondering now how to get the correct ones..

@Divert As far as I know there aren't new ones yet. The keys along with the repositories where removed and will be rebuild during the upcoming week.

Untrusting GPG keys for packages 

@Divert @sheogorath What about on Arch?

I imagine you have to do some gpg --recv-keys --# # # commands to get Pacman to stop using those keys,

as its part of installation on many pkgs to trust developers' keys or pkg maintainers' keys directly.

Unless thats just for trusting downloads!

Heres a pkg where u do thet

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