If you wonder how I spend my evening, tonight I spend it with setting up and own matrix/synapse instance.

What else should one spend their evening with.

The reason to set this up is not that I think Matrix is no longer trustworthy, but that I rely too much on Matrix than that I don't want to experience such a downtime again. At least not without being able to work on it myself ^^

Good idea! 👍

Please do follow-up with your experience setting it up and operating it. One evening doesn’t look like much for the initial setup, I wonder how will it work in the long run 😃

Yep, did the same during the downtime: set up my own synapse

@bn4t I noticed some quite interesting/annoying behavior for Riot-Android. It seems to be much slower when using my synapse instance than when using the synapse instance before.

Did you notice this as well?

On desktop and web the problem doesn't exist.

Actually, quite the opposite. After switching to my own server, both android and web seem faster. Weird...

Do you use sqlite or postrgesql as the backend for synapse?

@bn4t I'm using PostgreSQL as db backend, and as mentioned, works perfectly fine on desktop, just on Android the sync time are crazy long for, an unknown reason.

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