I'm amazed, the more I get into the GDPR, the more amazed I am about it. This is a great law which really has some great thoughts that were put into it.

Given that it's implemented as it's designed, this really brings privacy and security into the focus of every aspect of a companies workflow.

While it doesn't mean, that it'll make companies privacy focused, it forces them to think about it and take it into consideration when selecting partners, products and services. 👍🏻


Not to forget that they have to keep a protocol around of their considerations and have to explain why they used exactly this product or service. If they don't, that's already a GDPR violation.

For some data processing they even need to provide a formal document that simulates possible risks and when it comes to the conclusion that there is a high risk, your DPO is required to report this to the local DPA.

This is really an amazing mechanism to prevent danger from people's data.

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