Looks like I made it to install fluidkeys on Fedora using a own RPM 🎉

Will try to use it tomorrow and see if it fits for my usecase.

Already thanks a lot @paul for working on this!

Oh and this is my first golang package, thanks a lot to all the Fedora contributors who made the tooling so easy.

@sheogorath Hey! I'd be really interested to hear more about your use case! Great work on the Fedora package 🥂

@paul 👋 I'm currently want to try fluidkeys as I think it could be a great solution for my upcoming workplace in order to get mail properly secured without pushing too hard on the less gpg affine users.

So I wanted to see how easy things are and how to introduce people to it.

The Fedora package was simply required because I don't want to tell people "you need to compile it" when I point them to fluidkeys and I wanted to have it well-managed on my own machine.

@sheogorath Got you, thanks. Any ideas yet which mail client you'll go for?

@paul Personally I'll use Thunderbird with , other people may prefer using Outlook (as the majority of the team is on Windows).

I have to check next week, but I hope no one is going for O365 webmail.

Oh, I'd also be interested in how Outlook integration with Gpg4Win works (through the GpgOL plugin).

It seems it supports WKD quite fine but I’ve never seen this in person:

@sheogorath Heads up that it's safer to rely on a release tag rather than `master`. Master should always compile and pass its tests, but won't necessarily be in sync with the API. Right now that's true: `team edit` works but it can get you in a bad state :) When it's consistent we'll do another (minor) release.

@sheogorath I mean specifically for Fluidkeys, rather than speaking for all projects.

@paul Right now it's just a PoC package in order to get things at all and being able to test them. When I made it to clean things up, I'll look into providing a PR to the official fluidkeys repository and maybe also package all dependencies and working on pushing them to the official Fedora repositories.

But first I need to convince myself that this is something we'll use as I'll have to maintain it.

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