Would you enjoy differently-sized headings, blockquotes, code blocks, bullet point lists and other rich text features in toots on your home feed?

(Screenshot follows in next toot)

@Gargron I recently saw a full article posted as ActivityPub note so mastodon rendered it. Of course completely unreadable as it was endless scrolling. All in all horrible.

Maybe it's really just me but I see no point in in having long text entries in Mastodon at all, and without long text, formatting appear unneeded to me. But I already pointed those things out in the issue :/

@sheogorath The article must have been incorrectly marked up by the sender. It should have showed up as title and link to the original


@Gargron I know, that's basically my point: When we look at Mastodon as an ecosystem, there is no need for formatting, because we are within our lovely 500 chars. The main reason why formatting would be required is because people don't make it to send their ActivityPub properly.

A lot of people in the PR highlighted how much more accessible things would become. Knowing our Mastodon "shitposters" I guess we'll see whole tootes made of 1 headline each per character… Hooray accessibility.

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