🤔 Somehow the more GitHub gets into those integration things, the less I like it.

Package registry, donation platform, github actions for CI/CD, …

Sounds like all eggs into one (proprietary) basked to me. Please make sure you don't lose to it.

The need seems to stem from a lack of compréhension of systems.

GitHub is basically for devs without sysadmins

@sheogorath So what do you think if gitlab where to get those features.

@blacklight447 most of those things already exist in GitLab. But GitLab has a free software version and therefore can work under an own brand.

If someone wants to replace gitlab with something else it's rather easy compared to giving up the control of back links etc to a platform like GitHub which then owns your history.

The vendor lock in is a lot less with GitLab.

@sheogorath It's textbook antidisintermediation. Github is like a posterchild for it. I mean to build a locked-in, centralised, proprietary platform, on top of a decentralised version control tool, hosting half the world's libre software source... pretty fucking wild.

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