Did you know, that I pushed CodiMD 1.4.0 last night? Still noticing the lack of sleep. But it seems to be a good release and not merging some of the PRs and instead moving them to 1.4.1 was the right decision.

Enjoy it :)

Oh, and don't forget to follow @CodiMD and visiting

Sorry to all screen-reader users, I forgot to fill the image description.

It's a screenshot of:

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@sheogorath @CodiMD ouch.... i was using the one from


No problem, that one is now ehhh "maintained" by the HackMD team again.

If you wonder what happened:

And HackMD took the codimd namespace on Docker Hub, so we decided to go for which also provides us with awesome security scans for the images, so you know what you get there. :)


Looks good to me except this on the container startup:
/usr/local/bin/ 5: [: missing ]

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