Use rust they said… It's awesome they said…

I never failed so hard on merging two strings together in any other language…, even C is trivial here by using the strcpy. Not without danger, but trivial.

Maybe someone has mercy and can explain my what I'm doing wrong? 😥

@sheogorath I think you're just RUSTy..... 😂😂😂😂

@r3pek @sheogorath You've made two mistakes in the result definition. "" is "&'static str" not String. And it has to be mutable for "+ &str" to work.


Thank you so much! That was a kind of weird situation I was in there .-. This explanation makes it clear.


@sheogorath How did you write the whole thing while making a few silly mistakes?

@mike With some luck and a lot of examples I guess :D

I mean, I'm aware of the basic concepts of Rust even when this is mainly from a theoretical perspective, thought it's a nice idea to start something more practical ^^

And actually it worked quite well, until I tried to no longer print stuff directly but collecting it into one big string before printing it.

I'll going forward with this tonight, seems like I didn't paid enough attention to the mut-statement.

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