By the way, when you notice that you don't use your paypal account, cancel it.

Keep in mind that canceling the account doesn't delete your data. If you want to do this, you have to reach out to the Paypal support.

I started it this week and since they only offer a postal address for their DPO, I decided to ask them on Twitter. For what is the best way to contact their DPO. Waiting now for their "specialist" to answer me :)

@perflyst It turned into direct messages quite quick, as they required my email address.

But if you really want to look into it:

More important is their privacy policy: (German)

@perflyst That makes actual sense, as they already have my mail address to associate the account. And when you perform GDPR actions you have to verify you perform them for the right person, otherwise you act against GDPR, from that perspective it's all fine.

@sheogorath yeah, but via twitter. Cant they say you to write to mail xy to delete your data? I mean why do they do it via twitter

@perflyst Fair point. Well, I guess they try to keep support channels organized.

I'm actually not really into making a big problem out of that, it's probably something a lot of people consider "good service", but of course I see your point in there :)

@perflyst Interestingly they now list an email address. But I guess because I was on their "short/faq" where it's not listed.

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