So I spend my evening writing a library from scratch that implements some automation protocol.

You know they say NodeJS is a dependency hell… Well, I have exactly one dev dependency and that's mocha. Not more.

So what I learned today:
1. TDD is a quite interesting way to implement protocols.
2. The NodeJS core is quite powerful.
3. 100% test coverage is awesome. And for new projects quite achivable
4. You can easily test a net-server by using event emitter.

@laufi TDD is short for Test Driven Development.

It's a technique where you write your tests first , which of course fail in first place, and then write your application code in a minimal fashion to satisfy the test and make all your tests pass.

You usually use micro-cycles for it, so you write one test, implement the functionality to make the test green, refactor possible duplication, etc. and start over.

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