Setup my own DoH provider for my Firefox :)

If you want to use it: go to about:config, search for network.trr.resolvers and overwrite the value with:

[{ "name": "Cloudflare", "url": "" },{"name": "Shivering-Isles", "url": "]

If you wonder how the stack looks like:

On the production code:

@rambeaucockius3 Because you are bored? Because you enjoy DoH? Because you are curious? I don't know.

I use it, because this way I control my DNS and all my devices use encrypted DNS lookups with a DNSSec enabled resolver.

And I share the things I do. It's up to you to decide whenever it's useful or interesting for you or not.

In best case I inspire you to build something awesome. In worst case no one cares. It's not on me to figure that out for you :)

@sheogorath seems to be pointing to cloudflare and google dns, is that what you use or is that just left over from reference?

@aladar those are the fallback values when no upstream names are provided. The original upstream config configured those. So I put them there as default fallback so there is no notifiable difference to the pure upstream default config.

The docker-compose file provides an UPSTREAM_NAME.

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