Finally! Mastodon using SAML for SSO \o/

It just took 4 hours, a bunch of mastodon restarts, an annoyed :sheogorath: me and some source code reading to end up with a working solution without workarounds(!) and a bug report.

I guess I should write a blog post now 😐

@valerauko I'm currently setting up keycloak as auth backend for all my services.

I'll definitely write some tutorial for that, because non exists for Mastodon + Keycloak yet. And I can tell that this would have been **really** helpful :D

@sheogorath i don't know what you use but the ruby-saml library is easy to use and contribute to as well

@valerauko Mastodon has already omniauth-saml integrated. Main problem was a bug that appeared due to the fact that I tried to link an existing account. Which caused Mastodon to generate a temporary email address which it then again tried to store in the user model but the user model didn't accept this "email" address as it was invalid.

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