The good thing when using external services is: You don't have to fix them, when they are broken.
The bad thing when external services is: You can't fix them, when they are broken.

When something is critical for your operation, you might want to consider have it under your control, because just sitting around waiting for something to be fixed is a very annoying thing.

Just if one searches for reasons why you might want to take above in consideration:

@sheogorath a conversation I've had with my bosses before. They are paying for our skills to be in house after all.

@sheogorath So, install diesel generators and stockpile drinking water?

@pro At least you should consider it. Having water stored is never a bad idea.

@sheogorath instead of waiting I prefer to drink a coffee and have a chat. It'll be fixed after all.

If only my customers would be as relaxed about it as I am.

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