If you need to share a secret with me or just want to complain about an article or something else I said, here you go:

Get your message encrypted and ready in your email client to hit me, with 2 clicks!

Or copy the ciphertext and send it to me by any other messenger, it's up to you.

As always for the source code, here you go:


Well, it seems to work for a lot of people, but not for everyone.

UX is critical for security. I just had to learn that again.

I send my PGPme project to various people to test and as it turned out, I got one plaintext email.

Not exactly what I wanted. So with some back and forth, I think I figured out that the OpenPGP library I use isn't supported in the person's browser.

I added a failsafe mode now in order to prevent such problems in future.

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