Question for you!

I'm building a static website and thinking of using formspree.io for the contact form. Got any alternatives to recommend for the task?

They seem like a good service, but their use of Google's recaptcha makes me want for an alternative.


@RussSharek To be honest, I decided to use a simple, but efficient mailto: link.

Basically everyone has an email client nowadays that can register this URL handler and if not, well, then they should do it on their phone, which definitely has one.

It even allows OpenPGP encryption, if you like. See my page:


It's actually quite easy to build.


Hope that helps :)

/cc @switchingsocial@mastodon.at


Thank you so much for all of the amazing suggestions. Keep the coming, and I'm working through the list.

I'm worried about the mailto link as a solution because the audience is specific am not tech savvy and I'd prefer to avoid drowning in spam


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