By the way, anyone noticed the EU directive 2019/771?

It should force vendors to provide updates for the devices they sell for a reasonable amount of time.

It's starting to be enforced at January 1st 2022.

Anyone thought if that has implications of FOSS projects?

@sheogorath well if it's about devices I'd say FOSS is probably not affected for the most part? There's not that many 'open source hardware' projects out there outside of like, DIY stuff

@sheogorath Everything I read on this involves sales of goods. That should exempt FOSS from it.

@sheogorath I have no idea about the specifics, but from the general concept I doubt it has any serious implications.

Because for one if it kicks when you sell devices, that limits it's impact to PINE, Purism, System76, etc.

And second we are already constantly finding plenty of reason to release updates.

But then again, the devil is in the details, and someone who knows british law would be better to answer this.

@0 @sheogorath I guess that goes to show how little I know about the legal end of this question.


Thank you! I wasn't aware of this and likely has implications for my company. I'll have to take a look.

Seems to have implications of all products that can be purchased and updated. But: "In order to conform with the sales contract". The seller is responsible for the information of existing updates (Art.6 d , Art.7 No.3) and the user is responsible for updating the product (Art.7). The vendor / producer is absent in this process and has no obligation to deliver something. I don't understand the purpose of such kind of regulation. Doesn't make sense for me.

@sheogorath @frainz no it will not since this directive „should apply to contracts for the sale of goods“ further it’s forces the seller, not the vendor to provide these updates.

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