Mhm, I just decided to disable in my setup, but I neither consider it usable, nor safe to use.

1. I have no idea where the keys reside (and therefore how to make proper backups)
2. It turns of all indicators for signed and/or encrypted emails that enigmail provides, off and states that there is a recipient rule (which isn't shown in the UI…)
3. I don't think people care enough about their autocrypt keys.


A pitty. I though it a possibility to spread #encryption by making it more accessible to users
Does this critic also apply to #deltachat?

@nurinoas For now it's explicitly about Enigmail and its implementation.

There are other extensions for autocrypt-only as well as other mail clients that implement it properly.

So no, this critique doesn't apply for deltachat as I can't really make any statement about a software I never bothered to look into.

Autocrypt seems like a good idea but unfortunately there’re not there yet in my opinion.

By the way what do you think about the setup of yourself (expert) using Enigmail and giving others (slightly non-technical people) Autocrypt extension: ?

It’s vastly simpler in operation compared to Enigmail…

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