just heard about the mystery of #SwitchingSocial’s disappearance! what happened?! I interacted with them here a few days ago and everything seemed normal

@liaizon No one knows. But after checking with the admin of the Mastodon instance they were running around: It seems like they did this themselves.

Disappeared from Mastodon, Twitter, their website, iirc also github(?).



Yep, there is no indication that the account was hacked. The theory that the account got hacked is getting less and less likely since there is also no one who claimed to be the previous owner of the website. So all in all, we might never know why, but the person who worked on switching.social disappeared from the internet in this function and doesn't seem to plan a come back.

/cc @liaizon

Sad to hear that.

Whatever hardship the original author faced, we could've give hand to him.

No Whois info on domain name too ?

@sheogorath @liaizon

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