Ouch… There are good reasons why you want to keep data within your infrastructure.

Every thirdparty can leak your data and then you have to clean the mess with your customers:

Example: Hosted was breached… Hello fancy companies who have to tell me my data were exposed?

I wonder how many companies now bother to inform their customers.

@sheogorath First reply by Troy Hunt to a comment to that end in the thread: "I wouldn’t assume for a moment that it’s more secure in your own data centre."

...and even though I'm all for self-hosting, he's probably right. Your own data centre reduces fate sharing and potentially limits the extent of a breach (to your data instead of everyone using that service). It doesn't reduce your risk of a breach, unless you happen to have better security practices than a comparable hosted service.

@galaxis Well, having all in your own datacenter at least unifies the risk level to some extend.

Of course that goes in both directions. You have bad security measures -> bad security for everything

You have good security measures -> good security for everything.

And as you already said, it limits the extend of the breach, along with the level of attractivity to attack such a company because the cost/profit ratio gets worse.

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