You might already heard it: Thunderbird 78 will bring native OpenPGP support.

While this sounds great, the reason is the deprecation of the Addons API that makes extensions like Enigmail possible.

Apart from that, the history of OpenPGP support with Thunderbird is rather sad:

TL;DR: there were at least 3 attempts to work on native OpenPGP support declined by a policy that says: S/MIME only…

Thanks for sharing the inside info, that’s certainly interesting policy to have only S/MIME :)

I just hope the UX will be good in this one. I’ve got a lot of friends and associates that use Thunderbird but they’re not technical so tedious wizards such as the ones found in Enigmail are a “no-go”.

Sadly smart-card support won’t make it ;-/

@wiktor "Sadly smart-card support won’t make it"

Wow, I guess I have to switch to Evolution then until 2020 :/

I did mention on the tb-planning ML that they could using GpgME JSON (like Mailvelope) to access GnuPG programmatically (for smartcards) but I didn’t receive reply yet.

(for the record the mailing list archives:

Sadly Mutt doesn’t support WKD and while the patch is rather trivial [0] the response on mutt-dev was rather un-welcoming to WKD in general [1]. There’s also a ticket open in case anyone would be interested [2].

(While working on the patch I also saw some areas, especially GnuPG integration code, that could be improved in mutt, but that’s a separate subject).




Hum.. I'll revisit the mail thread later this evening or so.

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