That escalated quickly.

Since I started to mirror important projects from GitHub (means those my infrastructure relies on, or which shouldn't get lost for any reason), the number of Project on my GitLab got quite big.

But it scales 👍🏻

@mhamzahkhan I built an own pull mirror bot for that purpose using 2 shellscript that utilize a little bit for curl, git, ssh and gitlab-runners.

Actually not that complicated :)

@sheogorath Oh that's very cool. I also clone repos from Github to my personal gitlab instance in case they disappear, but I've been doing it manually every so often. Actually making them stay in sync automatically has been on my todo list (albeit with a low priority) for ages, hence the question. I'll take a look at your mirror-bot! :)

@mhamzahkhan When you already have them setup, then it should be as easy as replace the statements in the .gitlab-ci.yml and setting up a gitlab-runner that has write access to those repositories.

(I use a public deployment key for that)

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