Just curious, what does your DNS setup look like? 3 servers distributed across the world? Or is it more like a hidden master setup with an Anycast frontend (that you rented somewhere?)?

Or just a single box sitting in a data center doing its duty?


My DNS setup is 2 Hetzner Cloud instances in a master-slave setup (ns1.infra.bn4t.me and ns2.infra.bn4t.me).
The cloud instances are located in Nürnberg and Helsinki. On the software side I use CoreDNS with Prometheus and Grafana for monitoring.

Anycast would be cool. At the same time though it would probably be a bit of an overkill 😉

What's your setup?


DNS is still one of the few services I host externally, currently on Cloudflare due to the quite high cost to keep DNS alive and running it in an anycast setup. To me anycast for DNS appears quite essential. But actually this can be solved by longer TTLs.

TTLs for most services are set to 1 day to improve privacy.

My idea was to run a hidden master setup as replacement, but DNS zone transfers are still quite expensive :/


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