Blackfriday warning for Lenovo X1 Carbon 

Since I just came a cross it: Don't buy the "black friday deal" version of the Lenovo X1 Carbon (Gen 7). You'll waste your money on a in general awesome notebook with just 8GB of RAM, which will always bite you back.

When you buy a notebook these days, make sure you get 12-16GB of RAM at least.

Blackfriday warning for Lenovo X1 Carbon 

@sheogorath why that? I have a 8gb ram notebook which is more than enough for everything I do. Just don't run wasting software...

Blackfriday warning for Lenovo X1 Carbon 

@gcrkrause I guess when you are aware of how much RAM you use, you shouldn't take advice from me in that perspective.

But for a lot of people I meet in a day to day basis, have the problem that things are not working as fluent, as one would might like. And when your system starts a lot of swapping that's an indicator for low memory.

Yes, I can try to educate them about "the right way" or I just tell them, buy more RAM and let them go their way.

Blackfriday warning for Lenovo X1 Carbon 

@sheogorath cant you upgrade it though?

Blackfriday warning for Lenovo X1 Carbon 

@blacklight447 the Carbon series has only soldered memory, so no.

@sheogorath Not everyone needs that much RAM.My main computer has 8GB and that's perfect.It's never full and I don't even have SWAP.The laptop I'm writing this from has 2GB and that's really problematic these days.But for a laptop 4GB should be absolutely enough.

@sheogorath My Netbook have 2 Gigs Ram. Its ok for me. 12-16 Gigs are absolutly useless if you dont want to play the latest games or high video editing.

@rusty Maybe I'm too heavy on multi-tasking but just looking at my RAM right now, shows: 7.5 GB Used actively by programs, 2.5 GB for Disk cache and the rest marked as free. with less than 12 GB the system would already by swapping permanently (Of course I could reconfigure it to not do this, but looking at the defaults…)

Oh yeah, and of course half a gigabyte of swap is used anyway. despite enough memory being available.

I wouldn't say you need to be into gaming or video editing to use RAM.

@sheogorath Then u may use a bad system or too much progs. My system runs with open browser around 1,5gb. without any configs. May Linux are more for heavy ram collectors.
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