Today I learned: We still have a discoverability problem in Mastodon.

Mobile apps should provide an easy way to peek into other instances public timelines, given they are available. This would make it easier for everyone to find content they are looking for.

(Yes, I'm aware about @fedilab being able to do that but there are more mobile operating systems than Android 😉)

@sheogorath @fedilab Why is that a problem? It's a public timeline. It is accessible via any browser, for example:

I was talking about this yesterday. Just beyond the tech side of things, I think that the social infrastructure could be better built too.

I'm not sure how to go about that, but I wonder how we could build communities that are easier to dive into?

Some of it already exists (profile directory, joinmastodon recommendations, etc) but somehow it still feels lacking, but I haven't been able to articulate why yet

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