There are reasons why I'm proud of my "home" setup:

1. It just works.
2. I know what I build, so I can fix it.
3. It's all a single login.
4. Maintenance is fully automated.
5. It federates in many ways and therefore doesn't limit, but enable me to share things.

What runs on my setup?

- for authentication
- as microblog
- for storage
- Synapse for as chat
- Postfix/dovecot/SOGo for email
- for notes
- And to rule and maintain it.


And for those who wonder how it works, well, it's all publicly available:

For the non-federated services (CodiMD and GitLab) you can actually sign-up on keycloak and get access to them.

It's easy, it's fast and the entire backend is encrypted. There are also automated daily backups to another cloud provider. And hosting static websites is available as well.

Take time, build things slowly but steady and you'll get wonderful integrated services.

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