There are reasons why I'm proud of my "home" setup:

1. It just works.
2. I know what I build, so I can fix it.
3. It's all a single login.
4. Maintenance is fully automated.
5. It federates in many ways and therefore doesn't limit, but enable me to share things.

What runs on my setup?

- for authentication
- as microblog
- for storage
- Synapse for as chat
- Postfix/dovecot/SOGo for email
- for notes
- And to rule and maintain it.

@sheogorath oh nice! I was looking at setting up keycloak last week. Currently I have a partial openLDAP backend. How'd you manage that?


@vbatts I don't use LDAP. I decided to not use it, due to a missing GUI for management.

I'm definitely capable of managing LDAP from the CLI, but to be honest, I simply don't want.

Therefore I use the keycloak internal user database and it seems to serve me well. We are talking about 5 users authenticating once a day in a worst case scenario, so performance is not that much of an issue.

@sheogorath do you run it in a container, or just have the wildfly server running on the host? Are you using the OIDC as well?

@vbatts Except of the mail server which is confined by SELinux, everything is running in unprivileged containers.

And I rarely used ODIC, I think only for CodiMD. For everything else, I use SAML. (Mastodon for example, doesn't support OIDC and nextcloud has an official plugin for SAML but only an unofficial one for ODIC.)

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