I really hat pages with wrong claims.

Please note: This is exactly how the page opened in my browser with the "Do-Not-Track"-Header enabled. I didn't change any setting.

I consider starting a domain blacklist with bad privacy settings and potentially illegal privacy defaults.

I get really annoyed by this stuff.

@sheogorath no idea, sorry I just thought I'd make a really dumb joke 😅

..will get some coffee now.

@sheogorath if you do so please make it an the standard hosts.txr format so that I can plug it into my pihole.

@sandro the idea is to make it an unlock origin format because pihole doesn't solve the problem.

Point of the ideas is removing those sites from your sight. Means links to it, search results, …

You can't do this with pihole.

@sheogorath it would still be nice if we could block them network wide. So I don't need to sync the filter on all devices and do some extra work for mobile.

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