homeserver is still suffering badly from IO problems. we’re trying to accelerate the migration to the new datacentre. sorry for the outage :(

@matrix A good opportunity to highlight the decentralization of the protocol :)

There are so many easy ways to setup a synapse server nowadays, from your managed setup:

Over the official Ansible playbook:

To my very personal (undocumented :blobfoxsad:) playbook:

Definitely worth looking into that.

@sheogorath @matrix I wouldn't call it the official playbook, it's a third party thing, which fits for a lot of people, but is not without problems either.


@jcgruenhage okay, at least that's the one I usually see recommended by people who work on matrix as well as their official docs page.

It's at least semiofficial.


@sheogorath It's recommended by people who work there because it's the most complete thing out there and it's been relatively widely tested. They don't have the bandwidth to audit it, they don't contribute to it. I did audit it, found several problems. They were partially fixed, but I personally still wouldn't recommending running the playbook, unless you review it yourself and are happy with what the playbook is doing. Previous versions did things like turning of SELinux for example.

@sheogorath (btw full disclosure: I used to work at NV, the company behind, on the ops side of things, so ansible roles and playbooks was my piece of cake)

By the way, PGP-signed device keys are a really cool idea:

Too bad automatic verification & import of this is not natively supported by Matrix clients…

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