I just checked my monitoring for DNS that I setup at the beginning of the month after reading this article shared by @jpmens:

What all 3 visible domains have a TTL of 1 day. This are 700000 requests within 18 days. I don't want to know what this would look like with the TTLs I used before (1 hour to 2 minutes)

I wonder how much bandwidth we waste with low TTLs, because this is already a massive number.

@mhamzahkhan No, this is currently an integration with Cloudflare for DNS requests. (I don't use the WAF but the DNS features).

But it's basically the preparation for self-hosted DNS using a hidden master and some cloud provider-based frontend for slaves.

The stats are mainly to estimate possible costs for the slaves, since it's just a private setup, I want to keep the budget small.

@sheogorath @jpmens

The default TTL on Cloudflare is 5 minutes which is ridiculously low

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