It's concerning and funny at the same time. My banking apps are the least secure apps on my smartphone, because they refuse to provide them outside of the Google Play store and you have to install them using an extra app (which is thankfully available on @fdroidorg) because they use split-apk setups.

What a mess… Please don't follow my example here. Maybe just get another phone for banking…

@sheogorath @fdroidorg I don't use a phone for banking for this reason.

It _occasionally_ comes up as a problem, but in those cases, I work around it. (And they tend to be things like "can you just send me money for this thing via this phone app" "I don't have that app, why don't I just give you cash" "I don't use cash" "Cash is legal tender, and if you don't accept it, then I guess I won't be buying this from you" )

My bank does offer a method of two factor authentication which does not require a phone. (It is not the BEST 2 factor device I've ever seen, it lacks a backlight and is a bit thick vs. the ones I used when I worked for a company that uses Amazon Web Services and used their 2 factor wallet thing...) but it EXISTS. If they do get rid of it, I will be complaining loudly and finding a way of working without needing to install an app via Microsoft or Google or Apple or Amazon or Facepalm or whomever.

@Truck I think we have very different use-cases for banking apps. I use mine only to view my bank account status while traveling. I'm not doing any bank transfers from it or similar.

I think for that purpose it's fine. At the end of the day I know that my stuff is done properly, because I do check signatures and I do verify what I download before installing it. But most people don't and therefore I don't recommend anyone to do this.

@sheogorath I actually only use the web interface to pay bills (:

But yes, I am in Finland, where payment via bank card is how one pays for everything.

@sheogorath And they relay on GMS for push notification, qr code scanning and integrated HCE payment is Google pay.
Btw Is it just me or default credentials stopped working on Yalp/Aurora store?

@sdebkowski Nope, also stopped working for me. But they never worked for those apps anyway.

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