Please keep in mind that polls on ActivityPub services are not anonymous. Server admins of the instance that created the poll can see who voted for what. Don't use this to elect anything or fall for an illusion due to a missing UI.

@sheogorath I didn't realise that :blobthinking: Where's the information displayed?

@amolith When I'm not completely misunderstanding the standard, the vote reply needs to have an ActivityPub actor. Which means the JSON you send to the remote server has to contain your user handle.

This does not mean Mastodon stores this information in the database, but when I don't misunderstand it, it's something Mastodon has to see in order to process the vote.

@sheogorath @amolith It has to be stored in order to prevent double-votes. It’s possible that a cryptographic hash is stored instead, but I doubt it.

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