The author will have a hard time to transfer data on this USB-Stick…

It's a Yubico Security Key which doesn't provide regular file storage. It's only for U2F and was marketed during a marketing campaign by GitHub and Yubico.

Not to mention that if I recall correct the GitHub logo is on the backside, which means the key is plugged in upsite-down.

But of course I'm not an expert in this kind of things. And maybe the author made it to transfer pictures onto it.

@sheogorath i have one in front of me and you're 100% correct.

@sheogorath can one break it open to reassemble it with the logo turned upside down? 🙃
I don't know but it looks the same in the ads. Just with a different logo.
I imagine a micro SD card to USB adapter disguised as a security key this flat and unsuspicious. That'd be my kind of gadget. (=

@beppo_gammler I hope you are aware that Yubikeys are made out of a single piece that is mantled with plastic. You can't really "open" it.

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