Awesome, just configured the Firefox addon "Temporary Containers" to open every non "always open in"-tab as temporary tab.

This prevents a lot of CSRF attacks, even when websites themselves didn't implement proper measures.

To implement it I use those two addons:


@sheogorath nice! I currently only use this to be logged in to the same site multiple times (think admin + regular user or debugging things) but this opens up a whole other use case :-)

@sheogorath ist there a tutorial on how I can containerize Google like the Facebook container does for Facebook?

@holger I don't know a tutorial, but I would recommend to create a "Google" container and enable the "Always open in" option for the page (this would be for example now switch to other google (sub-)domains and add the option there as well.

Once you did that, whenever you visit those pages, the container will be used instead of regular tab content and this way google is contained.

But this does only split your google login from other google tracking techniques.

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