Any recommendations for Credit card providers (in Germany) that implement modern security mechanisms (means no CVC-based authentication) and works on rooted Android systems or has a not phone based mechanism?

My current card refuses to allow me any online authentication method due to rooted android…

@sheogorath I wouldn’t call 3-D Secure (MasterCard SecureCode / Visa Secure) a “modern security mechanism”, but I guess that is what you are aiming at? With the DKB Visa card, you can receive the secure code for a credit card purchase in their eBanking. It’s a bit cumbersome but it means you can receive it in the browser, so it doesn’t rely on the phone (if you are using their “chipTAN” authentication with a separate device for the eBanking login).

@arx My problem as the following: My credit card used to be CVC-based which wasn't secure, but at least worked. Then a while ago, I got the info "This was the last payment you are able to made using insecure CVC, please install the VR-SecureCard app and sign-up for authentication there" which was fine so far… until I installed the app and the app refused to work because "your phone is rooted"… So I have a, for online payments, useless credit card… And AFAIK mastercard doesn't support chipTAN

@sheogorath Yeah, I guess you would need to change your bank for that... DKB should work, I haven’t tried their chipTAN yet, though. Others might also work that use an SMS-based approach (less secure, but probably good enough for that purpose)...

My wife uses a Visa card from the Sparkasse. The necessary App "S-ID" works on her rooted, google-free mobile phone running LineageOS 16.
Actually, we both wanted to switch to @glsbank , but the App "VR-SecureCARD" required there will probably not make it possible.

@oausi that is also the challenge for me. But let's see I might make it ;)

But it's definitely a possible deal breaker. Maybe the @glsbank could try to with their upstream provider to get rid of this obscure restriction.

@sheogorath @oausi

If it is only about the Secure Code for the MasterCard, you can also have an alternative SMS sent to you.

Wenn wir sowieso alle deutsch sprechen, mache ich jetzt mal damit weiter...
Das SMS-Verfahren habe ich noch nicht verstanden. Wo muss der SMS-Inhalt denn dann eingegeben werden? Bleibt diese Option langfristig erhalten?
Danke schon mal für die prompte Auskunft!

@glsbank @sheogorath
Dieses Erklärbärvideo hat meine letzte Frage beantwortet, wie das mit der SMS funktioniert:

Außerdem habe ich mir versuchsweise die App "GLS mBank" installiert: Laut Exodus keine Tracker und sie läuft auch auf gerootetem LineageOS ohne Google-Dienste. Sehr schön!

Lediglich die Google-Karte mit den Geldautomaten wird natürlich nicht angezeigt. Wollt Ihr die nicht mal durch eine OpenStreetMap ersetzen?

Dann noch schnell quellöffnen und ab zu @fdroidorg, dann wär's pefekt. 😁
Okay, okay, ist vielleicht ein bisschen viel verlangt auf die Schnelle...

@oausi @fdroidorg F-Droid kann aus Linzenzgründen problematisch werden aber an Open Street map arbeiten wir. (rk)

@oausi @sheogorath

If it is only about the Secure Code for the MasterCard, you can also have an alternative SMS sent to you. (rk)

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