When it comes to living on free software there are two major areas where I miss nice solutions:

1. Banks/payment
2. Food delivery

For payment there are crypto currencies out there (that almost no one accepts for physical goods) and upcoming GNU Taler which has great potential.

But for food delivery, I have no idea (except of just calling the restaurant which then usually means paying cash which is basically my current goal not to do for this discussion).


You can't really buy anything useful today with cryptocurrencies. After the initial euphoria most shops who accepted BTC stopped doing so due to volatility.

Unfortunately, as the euphoria passed, they haven't caught up with cryptocurrencies that were designed for stability such as DAI because it didn't work in the first place with BTC. So we have DAI that makes micropayments really easy, but nobody is accepting it :)

A bit silly, but this is how the market works unfortunately...

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