Why paper-based election are great? Because the critical path is easy enough to understand and check by everyone:

1. You get your election paper and your ID is checked so you are allowed to vote
2. You check that all parties are listed
3. You check that no one is shoulder-surfing you while voting
4. You put it into the right box
5. You watch the election committee counting and reporting the correct numbers.

For electronic elections, let me ask one question: How does a kernel work?

@sheogorath Oh that's easy, you just need to understand 2-3 programming languages, read 100 million lines of code. Compile that code yourself. Verify that each component of each computer in question was built to specifications with genuine parts that also have the intended firmware running.

Then all you have to do is make sure that there are also no unknown security issues in any of these and you should be good to go!

@claudius @sheogorath Don't forget to compile the compiler yourself, on RISC V open hardware.

@claudius @sheogorath You keep forgetting about anonymity in all of this. It's very easy to fingerprint anyone

@sheogorath Tom Scott has a couple of good videos on precisely these sort of points.

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