If one has questions about running self-hosted, federated enterprise-ready setups in small or large scale, which allow easy collaboration without licensing cost, feel free to ask.

I may happy to run something like that for myself :X

And created some Ansible roles to deploy it within a day or two on CentOS 7 servers.

@sheogorath what are your reasons for using CentOS? And how would you manage software updates, especially e.g. with nextcloud?

@laufi I use centos because it's a rock solid base with 10 years of updates. CentOS 7 is 2024 EOL. So even setting it up now, will give you plenty of time :)

Software updates are pretty much handled by the container images, that are deployed to the systems. In a few cases, such as Mastodon or the transition to Traefik 2.X, where manual steps are required, the ansible roles will handle updates.

For nextcloud you can check the commit history to see some updates:

@laufi Additionally I should mention that the information about update requirements as in "Hey, you need to update the version number in this role", are coming from RSS feeds for release pages on GitHub or mirrored repositories on my gitlab instance.

I wrote a little bit about that over here:

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