The main benefit on running on free software with self-hosted services: these are not overwhelmed by the amount of people using them.

Yesterday various service providers had large outages. Hosting things yourself means two things:
- you are less affected by other people's behavior
- you decide what's top priority when something breaks

Using free software means:
- you have a community that helps
- you can search error messages in the source code


There arguments can of course also go the other way around.

Main disadvantages are:
- When something breaks, you are in charge of fixing it, not other people
- When you hit an error, you have to investigate. But you can of course pay people to help you with that if the community doesn't make it.

-when you have large quantities of people, you service might be overwhelmed as well, but it's easier and cheaper to "add more slots" by setting up a second or third machine

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