Seems like another blog article sneaked out:

It's a short tutorial about how to use @matrix room directories. As I recently learned on how to use the directory selection feature, it might also be worth reading for you ^^

@sheogorath this is an awesome blog post :) but we should probably warn you that has just redesigned the directory (to hopefully be less confusing!). It should be released next week :S

@matrix 😅 👌🏻 Go ahead! I'll refer here and probably write a second one somewhere next week :D

My blog posts about matrix are really not aging well. But maybe I should use this for the better :blobfoxthink:

Last time, when I wrote about TOFU you started to deploy TOFU and cross-signing on

Now I write about room directories and they get redesigned.

Let me think about a good next topic :blobfoxwink:

@matrix @sheogorath Riot and "less confusion" in one sentence.

Ha… good joke you did here hehe… 😜 😇

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