In there is currently one of the biggest discussions about git forges going on:

Main objective: Should Fedora development run on , a git forge written by Fedora contributors, or should it run on GitLab?

The discussion appeared after the CPE announced that they would go for a SaaS version of GitLab.

After reading a large amount of mails, I think is definitely the wrong choice here :/

Hope we can resolve this in a good way…

By the way, my personal main concern is not that Fedora would run on GitLab, but the fact, that currently all pointers go for "GitLab EE" means a proprietary version of GitLab. That's quite a bad start for Fedora with "Free and Open Source Software" as its core value.

I can feel the CPE's pain, with maintaining Pagure, and we probably need to figure out a better way to run this, but I'm sure it's possible.

"After reading mails" ha, see, we've got the first problem here

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