As last thing for today, I founded a new room called

Since I spend quite a lot of time working on my GitLab and can imagine that there is some stuff other people might want to do as well, this should be the right platform for questions and answers. The idea is to bring people together who run git hosting platforms such as , , , , etc. and have them exchanging about all kinds of topics surrounding the hosting.

See you around!

One shouldn't do this right before sleep. If you had trouble joining, this should now work, as I changed the settings to no longer being an invite-only room :D

If anyone still has trouble joining, feel free to reach out to me, I'll invite you :)

And here we go, the room has now an own little section for on my Matrix page:

Besides a small introduction the page also contains the rules for the room. They are not many and probably things everyone considered good manners, but 🤷 just wanted to make sure they people have something to refer to :)

See you around :)

@sir @sheogorath learned yesterday that to link an ircnet channel with matrix, you invite a bot from a dutch university and - boom, it's linked.
So theoretically, we just make a channel on ircnet...

I know such a bot existed before for freenode, but it seems to have been shut down ):

(I do not remember which ircnet bot, I can find out soon - but as it was used for the revision channel and we currently have close to 800 people in that channel it's ... a bit difficult to figure out which one is the bot (: )

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