git Q&A session 

I'm going to offer a git Q&A session next weekend. I'll offer a few timeslots and when we get at least 5 people for one slot, I'll take the time and sit down with you on the slot with the most votes.

As many people struggle with git in one way or another, I guess it could be nice to answer some of the questions and most annoying problems you have 🙂

You don't have to go for it, but if seriously want to attend, feel free to vote :)

git Q&A session 

Looking at the poll already says: It's gonna happen! 🎉

Now the big question is when? And what I'll do if two timeslots get the same amount of votes :blobfoxthink: Mhm… We'll see :D

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git Q&A session 

As the poll shows: Sunday evening 18:00 UTC it is :)

Looking forward to hang out with you people :blobfox:

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git Q&A session 

:blobfoxwave: The git Q&A Session will start in around 30 Minutes.

Jitsi link:

18:05 -> 18:20 UTC short introduction maybe some words about commit messages
18:20 ->19:00 UTC Open Q&A
19:00 -> … UTC Casual talking and open end

/cc @mike @amolith @shellowl

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